Dollfie Dream Moe II Adoption Completed

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With the Akiba Festival came to a conclusion in the Akihabara SR yesterday, Volks began sending out the winning lottery number for Dollfie Dream Moe II early this morning.  And based on the statistic I have collected so far, the win-lose ratio was about 1 out of every 2 entries?  Luckily I was able to secure a winning ticket and promptly paid for her adoption fee :)   Natsuki chan will be happy as her best of pal is going to be here soon enough!

Though I am going to be in a bit of trouble now as I have such a deep backlog that I haven’t even properly finishing introducing DD Neris =_=;  And Moe II is going to arrive before I know it >.>;

And on the other hand, Volks USA has also begun releasing the winning lottery number for HTDP Kobe Limited items.

I have a feeling that the kitty magician set is going to look good and I was right about that!

Too bad I have to wait until November before I can get my hands on this outfit, I bet Lily is going to look awesome in it~

And as a reminder, the HTDP Kobe After Event lottery has already opened~

And as a rather surprised move from Volks, it appears that they are no longer blocking international lottery entry for Touhou Project Dollfie Dream Sakuya Izayoi; those of you who are interested in DD Sakuya no longer have to resort into aftermarket now~

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