Dollfie Dream Fan Book And Fate/Extra Limited Dollfie Dream

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There has always been at least one Dollfie Dream character from the ever popular Type-Moon Fate/hollow ataraxia and unlimited codes franchise every year since 2008 and this year is no exception!  I initially picked up this rumor from a contact during my Hong Kong trip, who suggested that the Saber Nero from the Playstation portable RPG Fate/Extra will be coming out in December along with the US version of the game by Aksys … little did I know that the usually secretive Volks would step up their game and confirming the rumor via the just released Dollfie Dream Fan Book during the Akihabara SR reopening celebration.

While Volks USA did say the Fan book will contain DD team’s secret stories…

Picture source: Fetishroom Blog

Picture source: Fetishroom Blog

But I seriously did not expect them to give us the advance teaser this early!

Picture source: Fetishroom Blog

Other confirmed characters including Natsuki’s sister Nanami and Moe’s sister Mariko, which I suspect they would become available via DD Gathering near the end of October.

With all the new releases in the pipeline, no wonder Volks pushed up the lottery event for Moe II~ which I have already entered ~

But let’s not forget that HTDP Kobe AE is just right around the corner too…

The lottery entry period for limited items will befrom 17:00 on August 15 until 10:00 on August 17, 2011(Japan Time)

While I certainly have claimed that I wasn’t really interested in DD Sakuya before but my resolve has been severely weakened after seeing owner’s photo such as this one… to do or not to do… I have a feeling that I am going to get busy again this year :s





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