Hong Kong Trip 2011 With Saber Lily Dollfie Dream Day 5-6

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Following up on the Hong Kong Trip 2011 With Saber Lily Dollfie Dream Day 3-4, those of you who has been reading my Hong Kong trip coverage might have noticeable I began to move further and further away from my hotel for breakfast as the days gone by, and the fifth day was no exception!  On the fifth morning of since my arrival, I actually took the hotel shuttle bus to Tsim Sha Tsui where I knew at least a handful of traditional restaurants would be open for business quite early in the morning.

Since I didn’t do any particular research before heading out, I ended up settling for a bowl of 牛三寶麵; which is also known as the Three treasures of Beef with noodle, which consist of beef brisket, tendon and stomach~  The taste was about average but it was good enough for breakfast.  Since I have already made plan with twitter friend TonyBSD to meet up and do more photoshoot with our Dollfie Dream daughters, I headed back to my hotel soon after~

Tony brought all his elaborate lighting equipment with him and we were able to have a fairly productive session~ While Tony has already released his photo set of the day in figure.fm, those of you who are interested in how the photos turned out should head over and take a look~  I am still trying to work through my backlog and would probably get them out within the next few blog posts.

Then of course, it was time for some lunch break :3  We headed down to Metropolis Mall and ended up settling for some Taiwanese cuisine~

After we finished up with the photo session, we headed back out to Mong Kok where he showed me some of the dollfie dream related shops in the area besides Dollfie World.

This is a wig shop located near the Mong Kok East MTR station on Sai Yee Street

And this is JR Toys located in the basement of Ginza Plaza~

After all that walking, it was time to snack again~

What should I eat huh~

Actually, I have already decided from the start to try out the HOT-STAR large fried chicken, I have seen people walking on the street with them and I have been eager to try it myself.  It’s most definitely the biggest piece of fried chicken I have ever seen!  There is always a queue in front of their shop and it speak volumes of how good they are.  For $25HKD, I got this humongous piece of fried chicken and you know what, it is as good as they claim to be for the price!

And for dinner I met up with 20 or so Dollfie Dream comrades in Dollfie World before heading over to this hotpot buffet place!  For a price of 98HKD per person, all the food and beer we can eat and drink!  I think for the price they have a pretty decent selection of food out there.

For those of you who are not familiar with what a hotpot is, we grab raw food that are cut to bit size chuck and cook them in front of the boiling hotpot on our table.

The pot is usually filled with a soup base of our choice and we will just boil the food in the pot~

After all that eating, it was time to go home and sleep again :3

And on my sixth day, after a little breakfast in the hotel with Saber Lily~

Then it was time to head straight out to Mong Kok again~

And one of my favorite things to do is of course snacking on more local food~

The objective of the day was to meet up with the rest of the Dollfie Dream comrades who couldn’t made it to the dinner last night~

And a little sukiyaki for lunch~

After lunch we stopped by We also stopped by Ins’ Point Shopping Center, which is another major otaku hotspot besides Sino Center.  We visited Emotions Toys, which specializes in PVC figures, Nendoroids and Dollfie Dream related goods.

Unlike most figure shops you find in the area, Emotions Toys has a very nice display area~

Figma Mirai spotted!

And for dinner, we went to this place call Dim Sum House where they apparently serve dim sum ALL DAY LONG!

While there are restaurant like that in US too, but this is the first time I actually ate dim sum for dinner!  It was a refreshing experience~

This dinner fulfilled another one of my main objectives of stuffing my face with dim sum in Hong Kong :3

Here is another one of my favorite that I haven’t had for a long time, 灌湯餃 Soup dumpling~

Now you must have been thinking that I only remembered to eat and drink by myself and forgot about Saber Lily back in the hotel eh?  Not true at all!  And while I couldn’t have dinner with Lily that night, I bought another one of my childhood favorite snack 雞蛋仔 also known as Eggette for Saber Lily to snack on :)

Here Saber Lily is trying out some of them~

One of the main goals of this trip was to bring Saber Lily over here to Hong Kong and have her experience life like when I was growing up in Hong Kong; and snacking on eggette was most definitely one of my favorite pastime.  That’s about it for Day 5-6~ while I am still working out my backlog, I am hoping to be able to catch up and work on the loot post and the photos sessions with Lily in Hong Kong~

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