Hong Kong Trip 2011 With Saber Lily Dollfie Dream Day 3-4

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For the past week or so I have been very busy in getting back in the swing of things in the states, unpacking from the trip, cleaning up photo area and most importantly; preparing for the arrival of Dollfie Dream Neris from Dolpa 25 and the 1/3 Azone Suzumiya Haruhi [The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya] version (which I have yet to start on my photo shoot and review of them >.>; but if you are following me on Google plus, you are likely to have seen some preview pics already~ ) .  Ever since I came back from the Hong Kong trip, I found myself fighting with an extended jet lag and it really killed my productivity for the past week or so, but I think I have finally managed to overcome that in the past few days.  Anyway, for those of you who are following my Hong Kong trip travel log, allow me to present the photos and the local food I have tasted during the day 3-4 of my trip~

After spending two days in Hong Kong, I have already gotten used to the environment in Hong Kong again and felt comfortable enough to venture outside of the Hotel to look for breakfast.  Since my hotel was literally connected with Hung Hom MTR station, I decided to head over and see what I can find over there~

The Hong Hom MTR Station.

Which also serve as the final stop of the Lo Wu and Lok Ma Chau line and the West Rail Line which can take you all the way to Tuen Mun.

Here is a picture of my hotel taken from the walkway to the station~

There were many shops within the station and luckily there is a McDonald’s as well… while I might not be craving for their food…

But Saber Lily certainly could use the new strapy from them~

And besides, the McDonald’s in Hong Kong has a slightly different breakfast menu that’s catered to the Asian taste, such as this Sausage N’ egg twisty pasta

After breakfast, the Sun has finally come out in this rainy season, and of course I wasted no time to make sure I take a few photos with Saber Lily before I head out to town.

And for lunch, I went to Club House of The Institute of Securities Dealers Limited 證券商協會會所, a club member exclusive restaurant where they serve some of the best Cantonese style crispy fried chicken in Hong Kong~

This is some of the best Cantonese crispy fried chicken I have ever had :)   From what I understand, they use a special breed of chicken that just taste better than what you can find in normal restaurant.

Their specialty fried rice is very good too~

And for dessert I had a steamed milk custard

After I finished lunch, I started my quest to search for internet connectivity and luckily there was a store nearby the Central MTR station where they sell these prepaid USB modem for about 500 HKD.

With the internet connectivity problem resolved, it was time to go my main destination of the day, Dollfie World.

Here is a picture of store owner Natalie’s Tamaki~ Although it is my first meeting with Natalie, but I have already been talking to her via Twitter for some time now~ It was nice to be able to finally put a face to the name~

And a couple pictures around the store~ They also carry a lot of doll related goods besides Dollfie Dream, such as Blyth, Yamato vmf 50 and Obitsu~

They carry a small inventories of Dollfie Dream and Super Dollfie around so be sure to check their site out if you are looking for Dollfie Dream related goods, they might have things you don’t normally find in Volks online store~

I ended up spending a few hours in Dollfie World chatting with Natalie due to rainy weather, so by the time I was back on the street, it was time to snack again; this time I chose this Southeast Asia specialty stinky tofu~  It is difficult to explain why Asian are drawn to this particular stinky food but once you ate it, you will learn to understand it’s not really stinky, it’s just a very strong odor XD

And some spicy fish ball :)

And just when I was contemplating what to eat for dinner, I walked by this Pizza Hut and suddenly realized that I haven’t had dinner with Lily since I arrived at Hong Kong! So I have determined to get a carry out pizza and have dinner back at the hotel with Saber Lily~

While Pizza Hut might not be a highly successful chain in the US but just like McDonald’s, they have adopted a strategy to change their menu to cater to Asian population.  I have always wanted to try their new creation ever since I saw this commercial a few years ago.

Looked like Saber Lily was ready to dig in :)

Here is a closer look of the pizza itself :) I enjoyed it very much and so as Saber Lily~

And the next morning, since I was going to meet up with twitter friend TonyBSD and to take our dollfie dream daughters out for some outdoor photo shoot, I only had a light breakfast in the hotel before heading out.

After we met up in the in my hotel, we walked out to Tsim Sha Tsui east

There were some snack vendors nearby so it was time for me to eat something again :3

However, by the time we were to get ready for some photos, the weather had turned cloudy and started to rain; and we were left with no choice but to hide in some of the shopping malls nearby… until we were ready to have lunch.

And we went to a ramen place call Santouka

While the weather wasn’t exactly perfect, but the rain finally stopped after we finished our lunch.  The sun even peek out for a little while so I was able to take a few photos with Lily near the clock tower, more on that with a separate post.

This is the famous clock tower located near the Star Ferry Pier

And the Hong Kong Culture Center.

Here is another famous tourist hotspot Harbour City, I remember I always asked my dad to bring me here when I was a kid.

After the photo session, it was time to meet up with twitter friends mk is here, kctsang, darkmoming and hiuyung

Never really had a full course Thail cuisine before but I was willing to give it a try~

While I have certainly had Tom Yum Prawn soup before, but these certainly tasted a little different and better.

Some pork fried rice, which was pretty average

While the grilled fish doesn’t look very appetizing, it tasted pretty good.

If anything, this Thail Style Fried Curry Crab has got to be the highlight of the evening!  While it was very messy to eat it due to the curry sauce, it was extremely delicious and I have got to come back and eat it again, it was just that good!

And we also had some Fried Oyster with Egg, you can see the steam was still coming up when I took the photo~

And some unknown dessert that tasted pretty good…

After we finished dinner we hit another dessert place nearby XD.  But the day wasn’t over yet, TonyBSD and I headed back out to Tsim Sha Tsui near 1881 Heritage for some night time scene with our Dollfie Dream daughters, more on this on a future blog post XD.  That’s it for day 3- day 4 of my trip, but writing this blog post has certainly made me crave for the food I ate in Hong Kong again…. I got to come up with a reason to go back there next year again!


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