Home Town Dolpa Kobe After Event

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With Home Town Dolpa Kobe featuring the third Touhou Dollfie Dream DD Sakuya Izayoi and and the fourth Akihabara Dollfie Dream DDS Akira finally over, Volks has quickly put up all the after event information up today, fully fledged English pages and all… personally I think Volks has definitely gotten better at updating their sites in recent months.  The lottery entry period for limited item will be from August 15th to August 17th (Japan Time.)

And here Volks once again explains what “After Event” means ~ obviously meant for people who are new to the world of Dollfie Dream.

In Japan, we hold ‘Dolpa’ (Dolls Party) events,
and at these events we release special Limited Edition
SD (Super Dollfie®) and DD (Dollfie Dream®) models
as well as SD and DD related items for our customers who attend.

However, we know that not all our customers can attend these events in person.

So for these customers, we hold an ‘After Event’ where we offer the same Limited
Edition models and related items at our store locations and via our website,
a short time after the main event.

If you aren’t able to attend our Dolpa events directly,
then this is your special chance to purchase these items! Be sure to take part!

Don’t forget that these items are limited,
though; once they are sold out, they will no longer be available!

And the limited items that are available for website lottery event~ For detail information related to the Tenshi no Sumika items, please visit Volks’ After Event website.

Those of you who are waiting for more information for Dollfie Dream Moe II, she is going to be available through a one time lottery event and Akihabara showroom during the Festival in Akihabara event, the lottery entry period is from 17:00 on August 13 until 10:00 on August 15, 2011 (Japan Time), more information regarding the lottery is suppose to be available in the coming days.


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