The Pantsu Day With Dollfie Dream Airy & Neris

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Following up on the great Oppai Day (おっぱいの日) on August 1st, we have Pantsu Day today because 8/2 would be pronounced as “8″ = “pa” and “2″ as “tsu” =”pantsu”~ And to properly celebrate this particular day, I have brought together two of my youngest Dollfie Dream daughters Airy and Neris to show us their shimapan!  And on top of that, it will be the first public appearance of my Neris chan.

Those of you who follow my G+ stream have probably seen her already, actually I spent a little more time fixing up her wig afterward so this is probably the best image I have taken of Neris so far, I would like to talk more on the construction of the wig itself, more on that when I get to the full photo shoot of Neris…. I know it has taken a while but I just haven’t had as much time to work on new photo shoot after I came back from my Hong Kong trip…. , rest assured that I am going to get to it…. too many things to do, not enough time to do it >.>;

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