WTS: Dollfie Dream Asuka [Brand New] For Sale

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Some time ago, I acquired an extra Dollfie Dream DD Asuka Langley Soryu 惣流・アスカ・ラングレー for backup purpose, however I am starting to run out of storage space to keep this reserve DD around.  While I am never a fan of selling my collection, but I guess I will have to if I want to stay on this hobby because I will run out of space sooner or later; so I am considering putting her up for adoption so she may find a new loving home. Asuka has found a new home in California, thank you for everyone who had inquired about this~

The price I paid for this DD Asuka was 61k yen so that’s what I am looking put her up for, shipping and insurance not included. I can consider layaway plan as I am not in a hurry to let her go.

For inquiry, please contact me through flickr mail or wolfheinrich at hotmail dot com

This sale post will be put up in my blog, flickr DD group and figure.fm etc.

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