Dollfie Dream DD Airi Chan Has Returned

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Those of you who has been following this blog is probably aware of the fact that my ninth Dollfie Dream daughter Airi has gone on a trip to California earlier this month to attend Anime Expo on her own!  And after nearly spending a month or so out there in the west coast under the care of Animeaffection and Kitty pounce; she is finally ready to come home to me and her sisters!

It started off as a conversation between Danny and I since I knew Danny was looking for a few dollfie dream for his Culture Japan booth display sporting the Mirai Millennium uniforms and I saw that as a chance for me to participate in Anime Expo while I could not be there personally.  After we exchanged a few emails, it turned into a mini collaboration project ~

The acquisition of the new domain actually came from the discussion between Danny and I, and it make sense since it’s a whole lot easier to tell someone to go to than to spell out “” by the letters.

While Danny never mentioned anything about keeping it a secret, but I was trying to keep the project under wraps… however, I did put a few Easter eggs out there in the blog posts I wrote before Anime Expo… including this one… I don’t know if anyone actually picked that up though ^^;

And this one …

And while I merely suggested that Airi chan was going on a trip but didn’t specify where she was going~

The rest is pretty much what you already knew if you had been to Anime Expo, Airi chan was sporting the Mirai Winter Uniform.  If you have taken photo of my Airi chan in Anime Expo, please share them with me~

It was a nice collaboration project but I could have never done accomplish this on my own since I was not physically in LA, thanks to Animeaffection, Kitty Pounce and Tsubasa126 for helping out and making it happen!

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