Home Town Dolpa Kobe Volks USA Limited Item Lottery

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I am still in the midst of catching up with things that has happened during my trip to Hong Kong, since I had to make do without internet connection on the first couple of days of my trip.  Anyway, looks like Volks USA has already announced their HTDP Kobe lottery details and as expected, only DDS Akira will be available and that would leave the Touhou DD Sakuya as Japan only (not like I didn’t expect that to begin with).  Folks who are interested in acquiring DD Sakuya, don’t lose hope though!  For it is possible to enter the After Event lottery with a Tenso address~

Per instruction from Volks USA,  applications for the limited items will be accepted from
July 31st at 11:00am PST until August 3rd at 11:00am PST.


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