Camera Equipment: Nikon SB-900

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It’s been a long time since I have gotten any camera equipment for myself, but since I am getting myself ready for the upcoming Hong Kong trip; and with the prospect of doing some night time shooting in a historical location such as 1881 Heritage, I have got to get myself something more powerful than the pop-up flash the come with the camera, thus I decided to shop for a proper flash unit.  After consulting with fellow Nikonians, I have decided to gun for the SB-900!  And here I have my lovely Dollfie Dream daughter Kiriha Kuze Dollfie to help show case the new equipment (In contrary to popular believe, I didn’t forget about Kiriha!) ~

It will probably take a while before I get used to this new equipment but I am hoping this will help me take my Dollfie Dream Photography to the next level!

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