Wolfheinrich.com Has Acquired New Domain Dollfigure.com

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It’s been well over two years since I started blogging about Dollfie Dream and just about 5 months since I have completely redesigned this website from the ground up.  I made a tons of mistakes when I setup my first site, it was bandwidth demanding and it was slow…. very slow, it was so bad that I think I got penalized on SERP rankings when Google began taking account into that since April of 2010.  However, things have begun to look much brighter in recent months after I finally realized what the problems were and corrected them.  Now my search ranking is looking good, Google has generated popular sitelinks and the blog articles I write are getting the placement they deserve based on the quality of the content.  Furthermore, in the most recent pagerank update, Google has finally given a proper pagerank to my blog!

Now I am ready to move into a new phase, which is to make it easier for my visitors to remember my site and at the same time, make it easier for them to pass it along as well.  I initially chose Wolfheinrich.com because it is my online alias, but it isn’t exactly very readable or easy to remember for first time visitor; so after some serious consideration, I have decided to acquire a new domain name called dollfigure.com that simply points to my permanent domain Wolfheinrich.com, after all, it’s a whole lot easier to tell someone to go to dollfigure.com than wolfheinrich.com…. how did you spell that again?  Some of you who has been paying attention have noticed I have already added Dollfigure.com into my blog title since last week.  I even put together a little promotional postcard for this occasion, featuring 10 of my most beautiful Dollfie Dream daughters…

As to why did I pick dollfigure.com?  Well, according to Volks’ original definition, Dollfie Dream is a hybrid between Doll and Figure, so it’s not just a doll or just a figure… it’s a doll-figure…. thus the new domain name dollfigure.com is born!

Some of you might even get a chance to see this promotional postcard somewhere =)

I wonder where this is?  Picture is courtesy of Culture Japan

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