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It’s not like that we haven’t been expecting them, but since HTDP Kobe is only 30 days away; I have been expecting the news of the upcoming limited Dollfie Dream.  I am honestly a little surprised to see the new Akihabara girl to show up in Kobe rather than Dollfie Dream Gathering which is usually around end of October.  It came as little surprise that the Touhou girls Reimu and Marisa would open the floodgate for other Touhou characters to debut into Dollfie Dream form.  Not a whole lot of information are available at this stage other than the usual fuzzy cellphone pics we get from the Volks VS/VIP members.

DDS アキラ, the new Akihabara girl will debut in DDS body.

This is the reference submission for the Akihabara girl

The alternate outfit…. while looks very good, I expect it to be a stain magnet.

Now the touhou girl DD Sakuya Izayoi 十六夜 咲夜

It is too early to make any judgment at this point but preliminary feelings suggest that I would pass on both of these new DDs.  Another worthy note is the fact that Touhou girls are not likely to be available for worldwide purchase, however, it’s only my speculation at this point.

Edited, more guidebook scan is now available.  Thanks for comrade @Yui_style for picture source


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