Dollfie Dream Moe 2nd Version Plus Dollfie Dream Base Body III

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News flash!  As our Japanese comrades (Thanks to twitter user @yui_style for the image source) begin to get a hold of the new guide book for Home Town Dolpa Kobe, more information have become available on the Internet within the hour.  It appears that the super popular Dollfie Dream Moe released back in Dollfie Dream Gathering in 2009 is getting a 2nd release in a separate Akihabara event to celebrate the grand opening of the new Akihabara SR on August 13-14th (not to be confused with HTDP Kobe on July 31), along with the new Dollfie Dream III base body.  It also appears that both the Touhou girl DD Sakuya Izayoi 十六夜 咲夜 and Dollfie Dream Moe will be coming out with this new base body.


Love the way Moe chan looks in this new outfit >.<;;;;  Very classy, bishoujo like <3  The information available so far suggest that  both Moe and Natsuki will be getting an alternate wig release available through mail order as well.  Thanks for comrade @yui_style

It appears that DD III will be a combination of DDII and DDS, I am sure more information will be available in the next couple of days.

Cleaner images of Sakuya and Akira are also available now

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