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For the past weeks or so I have been hinting the release of a new photo set featuring my lovely site mascot and associate editor Dollfie Dream DD Saber Lily, but the real timeline of this project actually dated back in December of last year where I lay down the ground work for this project.  Back in December 2010, soon after Lily arrived, I had her put on one of the maid dress I acquired from Le chat de neige in the Trinity of Dollfie Dream Saber Maid blog post, a highly sought after Dollfie Dream fashion label in Yahoo Japan Auction (some of their dresses can easily sell for 30k-60k yen in auction depending on complexity), that and the subsequent photos with Kiriha had apparently led to many inquiries to the seamstress group responsible for Le chat de neige for the same dress!   That wasn’t something I had planned, but more like a side effect of my effort.  Fast forward a few months to present time, I somehow got in touch with the seamstress group again this past April out of a completely unrelated event and after I reintroduced myself as “Wolfheinrich”, they immediately recognized me and thanked me for all the inquiries they got after I posted photos Lily in their dress online~  And to make the long story short, this new found connection has allowed me to acquire some of the most elegant and sexy dresses in the Le chat de neige collection.

Would you take Lily’s invitation for a date in this beautiful scenery?

I am really impressed with the material, quality and design of this dress, and even though it is all black, it is not as stain prone as you might think and Lily wore the dress for 5 straight days and had only picked up some very minor staining that can be easily masked away with glad wrap now that I know which area it is.  I will take a closer look at material and made up of this dress in a future post.

The entire dress set includes multiple design of the same type of components that can be worn together or separately thus allowing a large degree of mixing and matching to create different feelings while maintaining a consistent style.

For example, there are two mini skirts, one is leather and one is lace, two types of head accessories, two types of corset top and two types of neck accessories.  Most of these components can be worn together, except the head and neck accessories.  Enough introduction here, let’s take go back to Lily’s photos~

Since it’s difficult to see the incredible details of the completely black dress without close up, I have included some closeup shots here~

Look at that intricate details of this dress~ definitely one of the most impressive dresses I have come across~

This dress set gives off a what can only be described as very elegant feeling yet incredibly sexy so I decided to take Lily back to one of the more romantic scenery in France near the Paris City Hall for this photo set~

Now let’s ask Lily to show us some variation of this dress…. and that of course includes stripping off some of the pieces….

This pose is so sexy, definitely one of my favorite~ Lily knows just how to show us what we want to see :)

Another very brilliant in part of the design of this dress is the inclusion of the arm warmer and shoulder warmer, which careful hides all of the visible joints from the pictures~

And before we know it… Lily has got down to her corset top and lace skirt… I think it’s about time to go back inside to my room before we continue ^^;

Lily took off her lace skirt after we got back inside… oh my, what a sexy combination of a corset top, garter belt, panchira and thigh highs!  So we have gone from a very elegant dress on the outside to a very sexy lingerie set on the inside… all based on a consistent design!

I personally believe corset top is the most appropriate lingerie top for a DD II body since a corset top can hide the split line between the upper torso and lower body and still show off the beautiful waist line ~

And Lily gives us a never seen before “Nyan” pose!

Would you spend the rest of the night watching over Lily?


I took a bunch of photos this time and while not everything fit into the flow so I decided to include some of the extra photos here~

While Le chat de neige is the premium fashion label and it’s only available through Yahoo Japan Auction under normal circumstances, some of their less complex dresses and accessories are available through their ebay store , be sure to check them often for new releases ~  The cheongsam that Sasara wore a few weeks ago was acquired from their ebay store~

Now, before I wrap this up, I would like to spend a little time to talk about the future and direction of  I have been blogging for a little over 2 years now, and I really didn’t know where I was going with it until I started blogging about Dollfie Dream and sharing my experience with everyone; I am really passionate about Dollfie Dream and I have no plan to slow down or anything like that!  I strongly believe it is a natural progression for a good majority of the people who appreciate Japanese anime characters, especially for those who focus in bishoujo (or 2D waifu, whatever you feel like calling them) since that is really the big percentage of the market.  I really enjoy seeing people writing to me about how they found my Where to buy Dollfie Dream Guide helped them get started; and by the way, this guide remains as one of the most popular dollfie dream related posts I have ever written.

On the other hand, there are my dollfie dream photos.  All I knew when I first started is that I want to make sure they are “as good as I can possibly manage”, after all, they represent an expression of what’s in my mind; which I like to think they are beautiful (sometimes ecchi… why I am a guy after all!  I make no effort into hiding my ecchi inclined photos or pretend to be some self-righteous entity!).  I know I am nowhere near being successful but I am definitely making some sort of impact, the fact that Lily is wearing this rather exclusive dress right now is the biggest assertion of that.  Some people may disagree with me but I can’t stop and worry about that because I would never be where I am at in the first place if I was afraid of little obstacles or uncertainties.  When it is all said and done, I want to be able to turn back show the people who didn’t spend their time wisely that they didn’t accomplish very much or get very far along on what they set out to do.

Now I talked a lot about strength and success, don’t I have any weaknesses?  Of course I do, everybody does, and anyone who pretends they have no weakness is just making a fool out of themselves.  We now live in an age where people from all walks of lives, different cultures, life styles gathering together in this social media world, where a lot of the communication take places online; with the lack of face to face communication it is now easier than ever to cause a misunderstanding just by speaking out your opinion.  I talked a lot about moving forward but it is also very important to look back into past mistakes and make sure they don’t happen again, I embraces my mistakes and learn from them and that’s the important part.

Thank you for those of you who managed to read my wall of text until the end!  With all that said, I hope most of you enjoyed this new photo set which I consider some of my best work.  It is a challenge to do a photo shoot with an all black dress on a simple continuous lighting setup, which doesn’t bring out as much detail as I would like; but I will learn from it and hopefully get some idea on how to improve it next time.  And for a little preview of what else is coming down the pipeline, I present to you the rest of the loots~

So yeah, there are plenty more to come in the future :3

And finally~ Those of you who read my last blog post is probably aware of the fact that a pair of DD II peach pai has arrive and needless to say, one of them have already been assigned to Lily~ Those of you who follow my Facebook account will be able to see a sneak preview of Peach Pai ぴ~ち☆パイ Lily~


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