Dollfie Dream Loots June 2011

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It’s been a long time since I have last written a loot post huh, I guess today is just the right time since a fair amount of goods have arrived today!

  • DD Kusugawa Sasara School Uniform set
  • DD Kusugawa Sasara Swimsuit Maid set
  • Dollfie Dream Peach Pai ぴ~ち☆パイ
  • Agarest War Zero Limited Edition  360 version
  • ???

I have been looking to upgrade Saber Lily dollfie and Kiriha dollfie to peach pai for some time now, but the supply has been low for the past couple of months; so when I spotted them on auction a couple weeks ago, I knew I just have to get them!  To my surprise, the Le chat de neige dress that Lily is wearing right is actually compatible with Peach Pai!  What an important discovery!

Some of you who has good memory might ask why I am picking up more school uniforms I already have for Sasara chan?  Well, it is a secret actually :3

And of course, there is also the game that I hadn’t finish the first time… but only chalking it up on the to-do list.

Agarest War Zero Limited Edition~

It goes without saying that Peach Pai ぴ~ち☆パイ is probably one of the most successful aftermarket accessories for Dollfie Dream, if the natural looking shape, realistic appearance and incredible cleavages are not enough to convince you, may be Sasara chan will help :3

DD Kusugawa Sasara 久寿川ささら Peach Pai ぴ~ち☆パイ Temptation 誘惑 II

DD Kusugawa Sasara 久寿川ささら Peach Pai ぴ~ち☆パイ Temptation 誘惑 II

You are wondering when will you see the Lily in her new Peach Pai? >:3  The answer is very soon~

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