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I talked about how I have been preparing for my trip back to Hong Kong in July in my last blog post.  Since I will be meeting loads of online comrades for the first time, so I have to prepare a bunch of new name cards this year.  Those of you who have good memory may remember I had a batch of name cards to pass around in Anime Expo last year, but since then, I have already moved my web domain, the old card is sadly not accurate anymore…

Not that I was unhappy with the quality of the card from the last supplier but I decided to shop around for a new supplier and see what inspiration I can draw from them.  After looking through various options, I decided to go with since they have a very interesting offer that would allow me to print one side of my name card with as many unique artworks as I want!  That is an absolutely fantastic offer for me since I would have a terrible time to choose which Dollfie Dream to represent my blog (not that I wouldn’t pick my associate editor DD Saber Lily in a heartbeat but that would be so unfair to my other dear daughters such as Kiriha and Sasara).  Their offering simply address my biggest concern and I can some variety in my name card too, that’s like killing two birds with one stone!

I browse around Moo’s website for unique ideas and one thing that caught my attention was QR code!  We now live in a day and age that a good majority of the people (and growing) would have some sort of a smart phone, whether it is an iPhone, Android or Windows Phone equipped with a high resolution camera.  And since roughly 20% of my traffic comes from a mobile device, I thought then it would be a good idea to add a QR code to my name card!  It just make so much sense that’s not even funny.  Since has some online resources available on their site so I was able to make a QR code for my blog within minutes~ And here is the result~

It took about a week for me to get the cards printed and mailed to me, which isn’t bad~

I ordered 200 cards since that’s where the price break is, they are definitely not cheap but they offer the kind of service and variety that I am looking for.  To my surprise, a bonus business cards holder is also included in this shipment.

A total of seven different variety were printed; Lily, Kiriha and Sasara each got two personal cards and one of them is a mystery card lol….. that’s because I haven’t officially released that photo set yet!

For those of you who have been following my twitter feed, you might have noticed that I have talking about a brand new photo set for DD Saber Lily has been in the works in the past week, and I have just been officially done with that photo set… it will take some time for me to go through everything but here is a quick preview of what’s coming, a few of you who has registered for an account here might have seen this picture since last week :) ~


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