Good Smile Company Unlimited Blade Works Rin And Dollfie Dream Loots

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Unlimited Blade Works has always been my favorite arc of the 3 scenarios from Fate/stay night, I guess part of it has to do with Emiya Shiro being extremely irritating from the Fate arc and I wasn’t exactly a big fan of Matou Sakura either; so kind of bumping Rin on top as my favorite heroine from the game, although Saber Lily would have unanimously be given the top spot if she were to appear in the game though ^^;  Anyway, I believe I have always said that Rin Tohsaka doesn’t have as much merchandise love as the main heroine Saber and Saber Lily and it’s also one of the main reasons why I decided to enter Dolpa 21 lottery to adopt Rin as one of the first Dollfie Dream I directly acquire directly from Volks.  When I heard they are going to have an Unlimited Blade Works movie, I was super excited because I know for sure Rin would now get some merchandise love she deserves so much!

Entering Rin Tohsaka, the Unlimited Blade Works version from Good Smile Company, one of the very few remaining PVC figures that I really wanted even though I have virtually stopped following the trend and moved on to the land of Dollfie Dream.  This version of Rin is every bit of beautiful as you can expect and she is most definitely one of the best Rin PVC figure you will find in the market to-date.

One thing I would like to mention is the fact that the box itself is actually very pretty, I almost tempted to display Rin as she is in the box lol, so I have decided to film a little overview of this package instead~

Since comrade Tier from TentacleAmada has also acquired Rin, so you are likely to be able to see a much more thorough review from him in the next couple of days~

Just what exactly am busy with these days?  Well, here is a little hint ^.^;

A very sizable box of loots from one of the most sought after Dollfie Dream fashion labels ◆Le chat de neige◆ for my Dollfie Dream daughters, the same fashion label responsible for the gorgeous maid dress that DD Saber Lily has been wearing ~

In fact I am in the middle of a photo shoot right now that could go on for many days~  Those of you who absolutely can’t wait to see what Lily will be wearing next, you can rest assured that it’s not going to be another meido dress!  But if you insist on taking a sneak peek before everyone else…. well, here is an exclusive sneak peek!  However, you must become a registered member and login before you can see the extra content~  Why am I being so secretive about this?  Let just say it has come to my attention that a certain “fan” of my work has got completely wild and do all kinds of “health related activities” to himself while looking at my dear Lily’s photos, what a sad state of affair it is right? My dear Lily is an innocent young lady and I must do everything I can to protect her from harms way!  Alternatively, you can ping me in twitter or follow my associate editor DD Saber Lily if you can’t get enough from this preview :3

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