Preparation For HKDP Dollism Plus 6

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It’s been 7 years since I last set foot on Hong Kong and since I am not much of a traveling fan; I just haven’t had much motivation to go back until I got acquainted with fellow Dollfie Dream parents in Hong Kong thru various social media channels, such as twitter, and  The temptation to go back and visit these newly acquainted comrades all over Asia has been strong for the past two years and after finding out that a bunch of DD parents from mainland China, Singapore, Thailand and Philippines are also going to Hong Kong in July to attend Dollism Plus 6, an event that is similar to other doll events in Japan, the decision was easy, I had to seize this opportunity to meet fellow DD parents from all over Asia all in one swoop!

Preparation for this trip has been going on since April but as I am less than a month from heading back to the land I was born, I have to make sure I am well prepared for this trip.

Since DD Kiriha already went with me to LA last year to attend Anime Expo, I think it’s only fair that she should give the chance to DD Saber Lily to accompany with me on this trip back to my homeland.  And since the Volks doll carrier is too long for me to bring on board a plane as carry on item, I have to shop for a new/more convenient carrying bag and this Dollmore bag fit the description and it even has a capacity for 2 daughters!  I can imagine this would be much easier to carrying around in the busy streets of Hong Kong than the Volks carrying bag.  And here are some pictures of DD Yuki and DD Rina trying out the bag~

There are a few safety belts to keep the daughter tight and secured during the flight ^^;

Not only will this bag fit one DD, there is actually enough space for 2!  Here is Rina chan~

Looks like there is indeed plenty of room left in the middle for some extra storage, possibly my camera gear and what not~ Overall the bag looks pretty good (I would have wished if it were lined with a lighter color inside but it should be good enough and I will be sure to wrap them in light color cloth before they get inside the bag, however, I will also be performing separate test before the trip and see if the lining will cause any staining at all by themselves) and I am still deciding whether to bring one daughter or two with me on this trip~

I haven’t done clothes shopping for myself in a few years (as opposed to shopping for my daughters, which seems to happen every other week).  Since it’s going to be very hot in Hong Kong during July, I decided it is probably a good idea do some clothes shopping for myself since I will be doing a fair amount of walking as opposed to “driving around in air conditioned vehicles in US”.

Another major task I want to accomplish during this trip is to renew my HK permanent resident ID card.  Since I haven’t been back to Hong Kong for so long now, my old Hong Kong ID card is no longer valid since everyone in Hong Kong had already renewed their ID to an electronic one~  Took me a while to dig up a card that I thought I would no longer use, had to search all over the house for it but thank god I found it eventually~

Going to take this opportunity to renew my ID there as well, since one would never know where I would end up 10 years from now~

I am very much looking forward to meeting many of the comrades in this upcoming trip~ Another major objectives is of course to take Lily around different parts of Hong Kong for some outdoor photos :)

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