Dollfie Dream Neck Joint Replacement

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For the past month or so I have been pretty busy with playing eroge game such as Demonbane from JAST USA (which I am still playing btw, and the initial Demonbane review can be found here) and Daiteikoku from Alicesoft (still playing as well) and have not been able to update the blog as often as I would like to; however we are upon the Memorial Day long weekend again and I always do something meaningful during this weekend! Today I am going to talk about replacing the neck joint of my DD girls with one of the aftermarket version.

One of the key parts of Dollfie Dream photography is about getting to understand the construction your Dollfie Dream and their respective poseability between the basic DD II body and the DD Dynamite body, what they can do and what they cannot do.  Now, let me make it clear that I didn’t break my dear daughter’s neck :3, however, I decided to change some my daughters to replacement neck joint from Cool Cat Collection because of the very promising improved durability and poseability it can provide~  Here I have my lovely Dollfie Dream DD Saber Lily to show you one of them~

Those of you who has at least put some effort into understand your Dollfie Dream can attest, the range of movement of the default neck joint is quite limited.

And here I ask Lily to help me demonstrate my point.  No matter how much you try to push, the neck will always swing back to this point.

After removing the head from the body, we can see what is really limiting the movement of the neck joint.  You could push the neck around a little more but it will always bounce back to this position because of the opening in the vinyl bust.  There is an unofficial technique that involves cutting a small v-notch in the neck opening to allow the neck to travel beyond the rim of the neck opening but that’s not really a good solution and I don’t like cutting into my daughter XD~.

We will begin this neck replacement procedure by first pulling the hands out and sliding the bust off from the upper torso to reveal the screws that are holding the neck joint. If the bust is too difficult to slide off, you can always use a hair dryer to warm up the bust and expand the vinyl bust a little first.

Next is to loosen the two screws that are holding down the neck joint.  Once the two screws are loosen, the neck can be pull straight out without taking anything apart.

Sliding the new neck in place~

And reattaching the screws, it’s that simple!

Now you can see the movement range of the new neck has almost doubled from the default joint!  Since the new neck joint is made out of aluminum alloy, it is also more durable than the original neck and can hold a position better!

After sliding Lily’s head back to her body, you can see the result before and after the neck replacement surgery!  The difference after the surgery is absolutely astounding!

And of course, I would take any excuse I have to take more photos of my DD daughters X3 and here is a quick snap of Lily and Sasara after the surgery~

The Cool Cat Collection store has a ton of fairly priced dollfie dream accessories that are worth checking out, I am actually waiting on a number of animetic eyes for my youngest daughter Airy chan :3

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