20 Years of Service Victorinox Belt Pouch

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It is not often that I blog about non-Dollfie Dream related loots but today is a special day.  For the past 20 years or so, I have always carried a Victornox pocket knife with me whenever I go out, a habit I have developed in my teens.  Over the years, I have changed the knife I carry around several times but the pouch I use to carry it around has been the same all these time.  However, after 20 years of service, I have finally decided to retire the belt pouch that has been with me since secondary school in Hong Kong.  Here I have my youngest DD daughter Airy to show us the new belt pouch~

Here is the old belt pouch I have used for 20 years…

You can tell it’s quite beaten up after 20 years of service :s

I have thought about replacing it for a few years but never got around to do it until the Velcro that is holding the pouch together fell off causing the knife to fall out of the pouch more often than I would like.  Since the pouch is no longer be able to serve its intended function – which is to keep the knife in the pouch, I have to replace it.

Oh yeah, here is the tool I carry every day, it’s the Victornox Cyber Tool, arguably the most suitable tool for IT professionals and Engineers like myself :3.  Special features including the swappable bits screw driver, and a mini pen so there is no excuse for not having a writing pen handy :3 no matter where I am.  I hope this new pouch will serve me just as well as the old one :)

And of course, I would take every excuse I can find to take a new photos of my Dollfie Dream daughters :3 And since Airy chan is already dressed up, I might as well take a few more photos right?

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