Dollfie Dream DD Airy’s Arrival

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Those of you who have been following my twitter stream and or flickr stream, you might have already seen bits and pieces of my newly arrived Dollfie Dream DD Airy chan for the past week or so (since I am rather busy with playing the latest Alicesoft game Daiteikoku and have to flip back and forth between taking care of Airy chan and playing the game, which I plan to write about in the coming week), but it’s finally time to properly introduce my youngest Dollfie Dream daughter!  After spending about a week with Airy chan, I am happy to report that Airy chan has exceeded my original expectation of her!  However, I will have to be honest here that I did have some doubt about Airy before she arrived.  Part of the reasons, which most of us are already familiar with, has to do with Volks’ inability to properly photograph their own Dollfie Dream; the other half, which is another well publicized discussion, has to do with whether Airy’s original animetic eyes is truly suitable for her.  While I rarely do anything to change the default look of my Dollfie Dream girls, but I feel that this is the right time to buckle the trend!  Here we have DD Saber Lily to welcome her youngest sister :)

若果你有在跟隨我的推特Twitter或者Flickr的話, 你大概在過去一星期已經看到我的新娃女DD Airy的照片了 (因為我在忙着玩糟糕PC遊戲了), 但是現在正是好時機來正式為Airy介紹一下。 經過一個多星期之時間, 我可以說Airy的表現已經超出我的想像了!  但是話說起來, 在Airy到步前我也有點擔心的。 第一, 便是V社的官圖一直也很爛, 第二便是究竟Airy的眼是否適合她呢?  雖然我絕少改變我家娃女的原狀, 但是這次我也要破例了!  而DD Saber Lily也在歡迎新到步的Airy了。

Since I can imagine a lot of you would like to see Airy in a different set of animetic eyes, I am going to start this off by going through the procedure of removing the animetic eyes.

我想大家也想看換眼之後的Airy吧, 所以一開始便為Airy準備換眼手術了~

The new soft headcap really made it easy to pop it open!


Talk about an extremely smooth procedure…. I managed to remove Airy’s eyes in one continuous motion with all the hot glue still intact!  Talk about being extremely efficient!

這次的換眼手術十分成功, 一下子便把眼晴全推出來了!

Here is the inside look of Airy’s head, not a trace of hot glue left inside!

這便是Airy的頭內, 沒有一點熱溶膠呢!

I don’t have any fancy eye putty, all I have is some blue paper tak and they work just fine.


But before I actually change her eyes out, I just had to take a few photos in her default state for a fair comparison!


After spending a few days with her default eyes, I concluded that it wasn’t as bad as it was rumored out to be… although, there is definitely room for improvement.  While I understand the intention for making Airy’s eyes the way they are, the execution is not as good as it should be.

經過幾天之後, 我覺得Airy的眼也不是那麼差, 雖然我明白V社的本意, 但是他們做不出該有的較果。

And if you can look pass the slightly weird animetic eyes… Airy chan actually has a very cute face, similar to that of Nia.

如果你能避開不注意那對眼睛, 其實Airy的面形是很好的, 和Nia有幾分相似。

And by the way, there was an internet meme when Airy’s photo was first released that suggested she shares a striking similarity to Kyubey from the recent hit series Puella Magi Madoka Magica… what do you all think?

在Airy的官照公開時, 有人說Airy和丘比有幾分相似, 大家認為如何呢?

Airy: Please sign a contract with me?  wwww

Airy: 大家要和我簽約嗎? (笑

All jokes asides, it’s time to change out Airy’s eyes for something else to prove my earlier point …. and of course the plan is to stick with blue eyes…

開完玩笑, 是時候替Airy換眼了, 最好便是換籃色的眼睛吧

And boy, did the eye change made a huge difference or what!  I think Airy chan is very under appreciated right now due to her default eyes being somewhat weird, but this really should settle the score here.  There is no doubt in my mind that Airy has a very nice face sculpt!  (Brownie point if you can figure out whose eyes did I change Airy into!)

換了眼之後的Airy漂亮很多啊!  我覺得有很多人也看不起Airy因為她的眼不太合適, 但是這些圖片應該証明了Airy的美貌吧?

Those of you who are interest in adopting Airy chan, there is still a chance to enter the Dolpa 25 After Event Lottery!

P.S.  Before I forget, Cool-Cat Collection was kind enough to send me samples of their newly released animetic eyes to try out;

後記: 正好 Cool-Cat Collection 剛寄了一對DD用眼睛的樣本來。

and since Airy was already prepped, she got to try out the Cool-Cat eyes first!


Here is a close up

What do you all think huh?  I personally think they are quite good and I like the styling very much!

你們覺得如何呢?  我倒覺得這個眼睛的設計很不錯呢!

Airy is looking so sweet now that I am so glad to have taken her home with me ;3

Airy的樣子看來真的很有愛啊, 真的很高興我接了她回來呢


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