Dollfie Dream DD Airy Acquired Through Twitter

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It has been a while since I got a chance to write anything after my last blog post on Dollfie Dream DD Kusugawa Sasara With Yileite De Sexy Cheongsam, but the truth is I have been rather busy!  Those of you who has been following my twitter stream are probably aware that I have already managed to adopt my youngest Dollfie Dream daughter Airy エアリィ!

As of the moment you see this blog post, DD Airy has already cleared US customs and is scheduled to arrive at my home next week!  Now you might be curious on how on earth did I manage to get her so fast, and I must say none of this would have been possible if not for one of the most powerful social media tool Twitter! I am sure most of you heard about how Twitter was responsible for spreading the news of Bin Laden’s death long before the major news outlet was able to report on it; but how does that affect me?  What really happened here was that one of my many comrades I met through twitter Dark Dollhouse just happened to be at Dolpa 25 and got an extremely good number out of her guide book.  If it hadn’t been for Twitter, I would have no idea that ddotark was at the Dolpa and had a good number!

A 288 ticket is almost a guarantee to score a limited DD since there are usually about 500 quota available at the event!  While I didn’t believe Airy would be particularly difficult to get in the lottery, it was difficult to pass on the chance!

A big “Thank you” to Dark Dollhouse for picking up DD Airy for me :)

And special thanks to @hakasekaa for carrying my daughter around all day!

If everything worked out like the way it should, I expect to welcome Airy into my family next Monday at the earliest~


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