Dollfie Dream DD Kusugawa Sasara With Yileite De Sexy Cheongsam

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For the past couple of months, I have noticed the amount of time I am taking to finish any particular photoset have increased dramatically as I continue to push for incremental improvement each time I work on a new photoset.  This most recent trilogy, which I have decided to name it as “Love is with Sasara” have taken nearly a month from start to finish.  Even though it has taken much longer than what I used to do, I am actually quite happy with the result seeing that more of my recent photos have managed to break into higher ranking in Flickr Explore more frequently and actually managed to remain on the list after 7 days, which I have been quite happy about.  Now, back on my original topic, in order for me to bring a proper closure of this rather successful Sasara mini-series, please allow me to introduce my lovely daughter DD Sasara once again, this time in a newly acquire premium cheongsam specifically tailored for DDDy body, a dress by Yileite De  緒凛◆! Those of you who have seen the Dollfie Dream Kusugawa Sasara and Peach Pai [NSFW] probably had already seen a sneak peek on this dress already, and I have had DD Saber Lily tweeted some sneak preview of this photoset as I worked on them during the week, those of you who would like to catch the latest news, be sure to follow DD Saber Lily on twitter~

Looks to me Sasara is ready to go out on a date in town!  Isn’t she absolutely gorgeous in this sexy cheongsam?

Honestly, I really didn’t plan on buying any new dress before Dolpa 25 since I have already committed to adopt DD Airy and DD Neris; but the moment I lay my eyes on this dress I knew I had to get it for Sasara!  The fishnet stocking, the garter belt, the garter toss, the short cut cheongsam, and the sexy lingerie all together really multiply the charm of this dress~

So, let’s take a closer look at some of these charming elements that make up this sexy cheongsam?

The fishnet stocking and the garter toss have got these cute little accessories to make them look more high class ~

While filming this “Love is with Sasara” really help me rediscover how drop dead gorgeous Sasara really is!

Here is a closer up of Sasara adjusting her garter toss ♥

Here, I have demonstrated another special DDDy specific pose I had Sasara made, a regular DDII body would not be able to lean forward like this and still be able to look up towards the camera like Sasara is doing in this frame.

Sasara has got the eyes that can completely mellow you out, I will be honestly here… I can stare at her face all day long just like this ….

The dragon pattern on the cheongsam to the pattern on the arm warmer together make this a rather elegant dress set~

And of course… there is not a complete photo set without my DD girl posing in some compromising position! *cough*…  I meant to show the inner of this cheongsam is lined with white cloth so there is no risk of staining with this cheongsam

And who doesn’t want to see the sexy lingerie underneath the cheongsam?

Before I finish up, please allow me to once again congratulate Sasara-chan for breaking into Flickr Explore for the 3rd time in a roll!

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[Explore] Dollfie Dream DD Kusugawa Sasara 久寿川ささら Peach Pai ぴ~ち☆パイ Temptation II

And we are only one day away from Dolpa 25!  Hopefully I will get lucky with the dolpa lottery and bring DD Airy and DD Neris home~

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