Shining Hearts Dollfie Dream Updated Pics

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Just merely days ago we looked at some of the “preliminary scans” of the Shining Hearts Limited Dollfie Dream that are due to release in Dolpa 25. A fair number of people were disappointed due to the poor quality of those photos, so bad that the white balance of Neris’ photos were complete off and made her looked like a white skin DD and lacking proper face-up.  I didn’t believe Neris was a white skin DD and was patiently waiting for better pictures before passing judgment.  I knew DD blog will come through with better photos in a matter of time and the time is now!

And they indeed look much better now!  Airy looks about the same though it’s pretty clear now Airy and Neris will have their own individual limited eyes.  Some people are turned off by the lack of pupils on these limited eyes but I won’t pass judgment on them until I get them in front of my own glass!

And Neris is not white skin!  And looking much more lively than the Hobby Japan scan!

The decision is simple now, will be adopting DD Airy and DD Neris~

Can’t help but poke a little fun at this
PlayDollfie Dolpa 25 Edition DD Airy and DD Neris

As usual, for those of you who are new to this hobby, please read this Where to buy Dollfie Dream – A Beginners Guide

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