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A few days ago, otousan Wolfheinrich has told me that he had submitted my pictures taken from my first blog post DD Saber Lily Dollfie Named Site Mascot And Editor For to Volks USA Sumika Times Blog!  I am very excited about making my debut in their customer gallery pages, and I dearly hope they would like my pictures.  As I browse the web today when otousan was at work, Volks USA has finally posted my pictures up!  Gosh I am so excited to hear they like how I look in the new body otousan ♥ got for me!

For some reason they really love to say that otousan has return or something like that … perhaps they think otousan is a Jedi or something ♥

I am so happy to hear they like my dress otousan got for me as well ♥

And finally, here is a message from Bailey san who wrote this blog post for Sumika Times

We’d love to feature your Volks dolls here on the Sumika Times Blog! We can accept photos of Super Dollfie, Dollfie Dream, and Dollfie too! Simply go here to read the rules and then send us your very best photos to!

Please note that any photos shown here are the respective properties of the individuals who provided them and were provided for use by Volks on the Sumika Times. Use by third parties without agreement from the original owner is not allowed.


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