Recovering From WHS Missing Drive Failure

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For the past few years, I have been thinking about taking my 7 years old Prescott out of my home network but I have never been able to do it since it has been working diligently all these time.  However, since I build my WHS media server last year, the amount of heat being dissipated in my room has become unbearable at times.  Fortunately, since I have no major expense in HTDP Kyoto 8, I have decided to bite the bullet and ordered a Dell Zino HD HTPC (which is due to arrive next week by the way) to replace the Prescott once and for all.  While I have been thinking about how to integrate the Zino into my existing network, I thought about getting an external enclosure and what not, then in the middle of all that, a disaster struck!  One of my Western Digital Green Drive I purchased during my WHS build sounded an alarm in the WHS console and reporting missing from the JABOD pool.

My lovely assistant this time is my 8th Dollfie Dream daughter DD Kusugawa Sasara.

Dollfie Dream DD Kusugawa Sasara 久寿川 ささら and Windows Home Server

This called for immediate action even though I had other plans in mind for the weekend (such as pampering DD Saber Lily some more!), I simply had to drop everything to address the WHS missing drive failure first.  It was extremely fortunate that I have more or less anticipated this situation to happen at some point in time and had purchased an extra green drive that has been sitting idle the whole time.  I quickly followed the instruction and added the new drive to the JABOD pool and began the removal procedure of the bad drive.  It gave me a warning that I might lose my PC backup and proceed to prepare the system for the drive removal.  It took about 30+ minutes (I have heard some people had their WHS thrown into an infinite loop during this process, fortunately it didn’t happen here), the system came back and told me it’s now safe to remove the drive.

After I removed the drive, the system was still reporting a bunch of failure on duplicated folders.

But after one reboot on the server, everything came back to normal working condition.  Since it will take time for the folder duplication to kick in and propagate into the new drive, I decided to call it a night and let WHS do its job.

And when I woke up, everything is back to normal again!  Folder duplication is working as intended, storage is balanced between the drives!

Last thing to do was to check with Western Digital and see if the failed drive is still under warrant and it is!  This little detour had thrown my plan for the weekend off a bit but I still have some time to recover!  While I might have been working on recovering from the WHS failure but I haven’t forgotten to pamper my lovely DD Saber Lily!

Dollfie Dream DD Saber Lily セイバー・リリィ Maid Version

Can you guess what @DD_SaberLily is up to next?  Stay tune in the next day or so to find out!

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