New Desk Arrangement – Now Optimized For Dollfie Dream Placement

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For the past day or so I have been working to reorganize my cluttered desk in order to free up the needed space to get as many Dollfie Dream daughters on my desk as possible… besides DD Saber Lily and DD Kiriha Kuze who are always on my desk except when they are in the midst of a photo shoot.  For the longest time I couldn’t figure out what I needed to do to free up more space… until it finally struck me the other day that what I needed to do was to get at least one of the monitors off my desk, thus allowing me to push some of the stuff on my desk further to the edges.  Almost immediately, I began browsing around various computer accessories sites to look for the right option, should I try to find a monitor stand?  All of the stands I looked at seemed to cost more than what I was willing to pay and they won’t do what I really want to do.  Then after a few days it once again struck me that what I should be really be looking for is a VESA mount instead of a monitor stand!

Then I started looking around in Amazon for an appropriate VESA mount and finally settled on this V7 DS1SA Single Arm Hydraulic Desk LCD Mount, Black (Up to 30 lbs), I read all of the customer reviews on this product and they all seemed very happy about the performance.  Despite the price tag being more than what I was ready to spend, I decided to go with it since it’s important to get the proper swing mount instead of going cheap just to find out it is not as good as I wanted.  I was presently surprised to find out during check out, that I can use my American Express reward points to pay for my it!  How did I not find this out sooner???  Well apparently the program has already been in place since last September, it was just that I hadn’t bought anything in recent months…. Anyway, this just give me some incentive to use my American Express a little more from now on~

I waited a few days and finally the mount showed up on Friday afternoon, a tad earlier than I expected but that doesn’t bother me one single bit!

Opened the box to reveal the content, seems like everything is there.  The instruction is pretty easy to follow and I was ready to get my monitor up in less than 30 minutes.  I was initially worrying about whether the table clamp would do the job but my worry quickly withered away after I finished setting everything up.

And there we go!  With my two most lovely Dollfie Dream daughters posing with the new setup!  This new setup allows me to raise this monitor up a few inches from where it was, thus allowing me to push the PS3 closer to the edge of the desk than I could before.  With the monitor raised up, it also improved my line if sight to the monitor screen and top of that, allow more daughters on the desk… simply brilliant solution XD

Here is a peek from the back side, the table clamp is very sturdy and I am generally quite happy with the result!

DD Saber Lily, Kiriha, Sasara, Rina and Yuki

And a full desk view with all of the Dollfie Dream daughters currently on the desk XD, compare to the old setup in my Culture Japan Video Tour, it is a great improvement.  Overall, this has been a very productive weekend for me XD.  Oh and before I forget~, here is the invoice of the VESA mount, and I didn’t have to spend a single penny for it XD.


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