Fortune Arterial BD Vol. 1-3 Kiriha Kuze Life Size Bonus Close Up View

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It’s been a while since I have done any loot post and today just happen to be the right opportunity since the 3rd volume of the Fortune Arterial Bluray Edition box have just arrived from Amazon Japan today.  And here I have my lovely daughter Dollfie Dream DD Kiriha to help me show case the 3 volumes of Bluray disc packages.

Fortune Arterial BD Vol. 1-3

I have been cutting down on physical media in recent years because they just take up way too much space…. but I have made an exception for these bluray edition boxes since each volume would come with a bonus life size cloth of each of the Fortune Arterial heroines, which I have briefly mentioned in my last Fortune Arterial TV Anime synopsis.  Today we are going to take a look at one of these life size cloth… of my favorite daughter Kiriha of course XD

Fortune Arterial BD Vol. 3

Opened the package and we have 3 boxes, one of the Bluray disc itself, a CD drama disc and finally the bonus item, which is the real reason why I really bought these bluray edition boxes to begin with XD

Fortune Arterial Kiriha Kuze Life Size Bonus Item

Isn’t Kiriha just simply gorgeous in her slip :) , the fabric itself isn’t anything to write home about, it is meant to be a bonus item after all… since they have never released a dakimakura for Kiriha, this is basically the next best thing I can get for Kiriha :s

Fortune Arterial Kiriha Kuze Life Size Bonus Item

Here is a close up view of the printing quality itself, once again, nothing to write home about but it’s Kiriha’s face that count for me :)

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