Culture Japan Season 1 Digest English Sub Now on Youtube

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Some of you from and probably remembered that I have worked with Danny to provide him with some oversea otaku room video footage for his Culture Japan TV show, whereas a short video clip of my room was shown in the 1 hour edition of Culture Japan episode 0 that was broadcast in Animax TV Network.  Since the episode 0 went so well, they decided to go with a full season.  Now where do I get involved in all of these? Well actually back in December of last year, I had prepared another video clip of my room for Danny, this time to focus on my Dollfie Dream daughters for the new year special edition!

However, since I don’t have Animax TV myself, I wasn’t able to see that new year special edition of Culture Japan myself!  Up until a few days ago, I happened to come across the Culture Japan Season 1 Digest English Sub on Youtube!!!  And my Dollfie Dream daughters and I were able to squeeze ourselves into the season 1 digest!!!  Here are a couple screen shots taken from the season 1 digest~

But of course my website domain has already changed from to my new domain here The website transition has been proceeding smoothly, anyone who attempted to go to my old website should have been automatically forwarded to the same page in this new domain.

And of course, my newly appointed site mascot and associate editor Lily is on TV too!

And last but not least… my ugly mug XD

Kiriha on the left most corner facing me, Erika, Yuki and Rina are in front facing the camera :D

And here is the youtube video clip!  For those of you who might be interested, my short little segment is somewhere close to the 1 hour mark XDDD

My DD daughters and I were all very excited that we were able to get on Danny’s Culture Japan TV :)   Hopefully there will be more chances in the future where I can show my other DD daughters too!

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