DD Saber Lily Named Site Mascot And Editor For Wolfheinrich.com

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Yoroshiku onegaishimasu~ my name is Saber Lily Dollfie and I am the 19th Dollfie Dream daughter in my Otousan Wolfheinrich’s family of Dollfie Dream daughters.  You ask what am I doing here?  Well Otousan was very happy that I did so well in the last photo session (honestly I didn’t quite remember what happened then since my head was dizzy and my body was feeling hot the whole time and the last thing I remember was Kiriha oneesan….), that I should become his assistant editor and site mascot to help him so he spend more time on improving the site and visit his blogroll mates more often.  I don’t know how often I would be able to blog and I am not quite sure if I can handle this task of being the site mascot yet but I will try to do my very best to bring you the latest happenings in our Dollfie Dream Family and various photo shoot news flash.

大家好, 請多多指教~ 我的名字是 Saber Lily Dollfie, 是我爸爸Wolfheinrich的Dollfie Dream家庭中最細的Dollfie Dream 女兒。 你問我在這兒做什麼?  實情是這樣的, 爸爸說我在上次的特輯做得很好 (其實我也不太記得發生了什麼事, 只是記得頭暈和全身發熱…又有和桐葉姐擁抱在一起…之後的事情便記不起來了….), 所以便要晉升我為博客的助理編輯和吉祥物(我言:其實是看板娘), 而爸爸則想趁這樣的機會繼續改善博客和與其他博客打好關係。我不知道我會有多少機會為大家寫博客, 不過我會盡力為大家報導我家各位姐姐的最新消息!

Dollfie Dream DD Saber Lily Maid Version ◆Le chat de neige◆ Alison

What I have got in store for you today, is my body….. Umm, I mean my new DDII Shapely L bust body that Otousan got for me by purchasing the Volks News 40 last year!  Otousan said I look a lot more sexy now with the new body that I should have a few photos taken to share with everyone.

今次為大家準備的題材是我的身休….. 不是…我的意是爸爸為我新裝上的DDII 寄胸!  爸爸說我換了身体之後性感了很多, 所以便和我拍了新的照片和大家分享。

Dollfie Dream DD Saber Lily Maid Version ◆Le chat de neige◆ Alison

Otousan also said I need to squeeze my chest closer together because the guys would love it…. I think the new body looks good and comfortable but somehow the dress is fitting tighter than before ._.;

爸爸說我要這樣擠起我的胸來拍照, 他說大家都會喜歡的… 這個新的身体也挺合身的…不過胸部那兒好像窄了一點 ._.;

Dollfie Dream DD Saber Lily Maid Version ◆Le chat de neige◆ Alison

Here is an older photo of me for comparison~


Dollfie Dream DD Saber Lily Maid Version ◆Le chat de neige◆ Alison

Do I really look that much different?


Otousan also said we need to shoot a new panchira shot to to make sure the “service level” is always maintained at the highest level…

爸爸又說一定要拍到小褲褲的照片, 來確保一向以來的殺必死的水準….

Dollfie Dream DD Saber Lily Maid Version ◆Le chat de neige◆ Alison

Beside starting to blog for Otousan’s website, I will also begin to use  Twitter, an idea the came across Otousan’s mind when he was chatting with @JLCoburn and @PatchouliW last Friday; he said I can also start tweeting in my off hours and perhaps post some preliminary and unreleased photos there!  Hopefully I would be able to meet a few Dollfie Dream friend along the way~

除了寫博客之外, 我也會開始用Twitter呢~ 這個念頭是爸爸和幾個朋友聊天的時候想到的。他說我可以用Twitter來為大家報導一些未公開的作品啊!  我也希望趁這個機會來認識一些Dollfie Dream朋文啊!

Dollfie Dream DD Saber Lily Maid Version ◆Le chat de neige◆ Alison

That’s it from me this time~ Hope to be able to blog about our Dollfie Dream family soon!

這次的報導到此為止~ 希望能夠早些為大家報導一下我家各位Dollfie Dream姐妹的消息吧!


Just one day after I officially named Saber Lily Dollfie to be my site mascot for Wolfheinrich.com, Lily has once again managed to break another record for me and broke into the highest position ever in Flickr Explore!  Everyone please congratulate Lily for her exceptional performance!  A separate page “About Site Mascot” has been added to the top link of the main page to act as a receptacle for future expansion such as DD Saber Lily Gallery Collection, plus anything I can think of.

P.S. Postscript:

Similar to what happened in my last topic What Happen When DD Saber Lily And Kiriha Got Drunk [18+]?, Saber Lily has once again picked up another win on Flickrfightr on March 2, 2011!

FlickrFightr Winner 030211


在我命名Lily為我的看板娘之後的第一天便立即有成果了!  Lily的相片在三月一日打入了Flickr Explore的第二十一名!  是我到目前以來的最高紀錄!  請大家為Lily的出色表現鼓掌支持一下吧!

My Latest Flickr Explore Scout Poster

1. Saber セイバーリリィSaber Lily Maid Version ◆Le chat de neige◆ Alison, 2. DD Saber Lily セイバー・リリィ 賀兔年, 3. [Explore] Dollfie Dream DD Saber Lily DD セイバー・リリィ Red Bunny Oppai Service, 4. Dollfie Dream Daughters Grand Glorious Gathering Sixteen Daughters Version, 5. Feena chan – tagged by Tsunamidelta, 6. Dollfie Dream DD フェイト本局制服セット

Recently, I have opened my own flickr account, which is more or less a collection of my own photos, please feel free to visit ^///^

Besides working for otousan as the site mascot of wolfheinrich.com, I have recently decided to start a side blog on my own called “The Online Adventure of Saber Lily Dollfie Dream“, which is meant to help otousan to spread his love for Dollfie Dream love as much as possible!   As I understand, many of my sisters such as Kiriha, Sasara, Yuki and Saber will also participate in this effort start their own blog relatively soon~

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