What Happen When Dollfie Dream DD Saber Lily and Kiriha Got Drunk? [18+]

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Those of you who has seen my Valentine’s Day with DD Saber Lily セイバー・リリィ post knew that I have gotten my lovely DD daughters a bottle of Veue Clicquot Brut for the Valentine’s Day After Party….. well.. truth be told, things got a little wild after Lily and Kiriha got drunk @.@, below is some of the selected records of their wild partying photos >.>; You ask why did it took me so long to post these photos?  Well the thing is that I got a little busy with moving my site domain and hosting to a new provider as part of a comprehensive package to improve the speed and performance of this site.  It’s been a long time coming but I have been thinking about acquiring my own domain for over a year now but I have always procrastinated until the last minute and ended up not having enough time to do any sort of transition work before my existing hosting plan expire.  In any event, I have tried to do everything I can think of to make sure the transition is transparent to all of you who have continued to show your support over the past years.  The new site address is http://www.wolfheinrich.com and the feed address should be the same as before, which is http://feeds.feedburner.com/wolfheinrichsworld since I have opted to used feedburner since day one and all I have to do is to modify the setting at feedburner which I have already done so.  Anyway, without further ado, allow me to present this new set of photos, where I captured the wild partying photos of Lily and Kiriha when they got a little drunk from drinking the champagne …..with more service than ever before!  And we all love more Lily and Kiriha service right?  Let it be known that this photo set will contain DD Yuri and is 18+ rated!

看過情人節的DD Saber Lily外拍雪景的大概也知道我買了一瓶香檳和女兒分享吧…. 其實派對開始之後情況變得不受控制了… 因為Lily和桐葉也喝醉了 @.@; 其下便是我收錄到的部份片段。 過了這麼多天才發圖的原因是因為我在為我的博客搬家了, 而且也以新的域名取代以前的網址, 新的網址是http://www.wolfheinrich.com, 應該是會比以前的速度快的。好了, 廢話少說, 大家看一下我冒着失血過多為大家準備的相集~ 大家也期待着Lily和桐葉的百合殺必死特輯吧?  事先說在前頭, 這輯相含有過激成份, 未滿十八歲的不宜觀看!

Valentine's day with DD Saber Lily セイバー・リリィ X Kiriha Kuze 紅瀬桐葉

Dollfie Dream DD Saber Lily x Kiriha Kuze

It was all fine and dandy at the beginning… but soon after they started drinking the bottle of champagne….. things started to get a little wild…

一開始的時候還好好的, 但是當她們開始飲香檳的時候……情況便失去控制了…..
Dollfie Dream DD 紅瀬桐葉 in Black Bunny Suit

Kiriha: Otousan, can we start drinking this bottle of champagne you got for us?

桐葉: 爸爸, 我們可以開始飲這瓶香檳嗎?

Me: Sure Kiriha, go ahead and start ~

我: 當然可以了桐葉, 妳們便開始吧~

Kiriha: Lily, come over and have some too..

桐葉: Lily, 妳也過來嘗一下吧

Dollfie Dream DD Saber Lily セイバー・リリィ in Red Bunny Suit

Lily: Sure~ Kiriha oneesan, I have never drink champagne before, it should be fun~

Lily: 好啊桐葉姐, 我也未嘗過香檳了, 一定會很有趣吧~

(After they started drinking the bottle…. Kiriha started to strip her top off @.@;;;)

(當她們開始飲的時候, 桐葉突然拉下了兔女郎裝的上身 @.@;;;)

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Lily: Is that what it is?  Because I am feeling hot too…

Lily: 是那樣嗎? 因為我也在發熱了……

Me:(You too Lily?  Even more nosebleed!  Still snapping shutter like no tomorrow!) Yes dear Lily, you’re just a little drunk…

我: (Lily 也醉了嗎? 繼續流鼻血! 快門也越按越快了) 親愛的, 妳也只是有一點喝醉吧……

Lily: Are you ok Otousan?  Red liquid just come flowing out of your nose…

Lily:爸爸你身体沒有問題吧?  紅色的液體在你的鼻子流出來了….

Me: Yes Lily, I am ok and completely fine! (I must endure and not collapse due to lost of blood).

我:  大丈夫だ問題ない! (譯: OK的沒問題) (我一定要支持下去, 不能因為失血過多而倒下!)

(After a little while Kiriha and Lily seemed to want to get closer together for some reason?  Sisterly Love? Yuri Service?  I don’t know.)

(過了一會兒, 桐葉和Lily突然擁抱起來了? 姐妹情? 百合殺必死? 我也不知道了)

Kiriha: Lily, you are such a pretty girl, no wonder Otousan has been spending all his time with you ever since you got here.

桐葉: Lily, 你真的長得漂亮啊, 難怪爸爸從你到步後便一直陪在妳身邊了.

Lily: Kiriha oneesan, you are making my face turn red, it’s embarrassing ♥

Lily: 桐葉姐, 你這樣說會令人家面紅的了, 太羞人了♥

Kiriha: Hehehe, I think you are plenty red in the face already and that makes you even more beautiful, can I have you?  Lily?

桐葉: 嘻嘻, 我看妳的面一直在紅了, 這樣的妳真的太可愛了, 我可以上妳嗎 Lily?

(Me in the background snapping away with exploding nosebleed)

(我一直在背後按快門, 鼻血也流得更厲害了)
Dollfie Dream DD Saber Lily and DD Kiriha Kuze

Lily: Kiriha oneesan, you can do whatever you want ♥

Lily: 桐葉姐, 你想怎樣也可以了♥

Kiriha: Hehehe, here I come.

桐葉: 嘻嘻嘻, 那麼我便開始了

Lily: Kiriha oneesan, I am feeling really hot…. and feeling good…

Lily: 桐葉姐, 我的身休在發熱了…. 也很舒服…..

Kiriha: You are doing good Lily~

桐葉: 妳做得很好啊Lily ~

Lily: Kiriha Oneeeeeeeesannnnnnnnnsama~~~~

Lily: 啊啊啊啊啊 呀呀呀呀呀 桐葉姐姐姐姐姐姐姐

Kiriha: Yes, Lily, Yesssss!

桐葉: 真的好啊 Lilyyyyyyy!

After a little while, the nosebleed still hasn’t stopped… as I started processing the photos from my computer.

過了一會, 鼻血雖然還沒有停下來…..但是我還是回到電腦前開始整理剛拍下來的相片.

Me: (This nosebleed is starting to get out of hand… this could be life threatening…..)  And little did I know Lily was getting ready to deliver the knockout punch….

我: (這樣流鼻血的話我會沒命了……) 誰知道Lily正在準備做最後一擊呢…..

Dollfie Dream DD Saber Lily Red Bunny Oppai Service

Lily: Otousan, what are you doing back there ♥

Lily: 爸爸, 你在後面做什麼了♥

Me:  (Mega Exploding Nosebleed) Instant knock out @.@;;;;;;;;

我: (超級爆炸性鼻血!!!!) 立即倒下 @.@;;;;;

Kiriha & Lily: Otousan, Otousan, what happened to you????

桐葉 & Lily: 爸爸, 爸爸你身体沒有事吧????

And just like that I was knocked out for 12 hours….. and here is a lesson to be learned here, don’t let my DD daughters drink unless I want to get knocked out due to lack of blood!

就這樣子, 我便倒下了…. 今次的教訓便是不要輕易地讓女兒們喝酒…. 除非我一早預備好輸血袋~



I took a whole bunch of photos but there are quite a few photos that didn’t quite fit into the little story here, so allow me to share the rest of them right here :)

這次我拍了很多相, 但是不能用在小劇場中, 所以放在這裏和大家分享 :)

Here are some of them from Kiriha~


Dollfie Dream DD Kiriha Kuze 紅瀬桐葉

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And Lily too~


Dollfie Dream DD Saber Lily

Dollfie Dream DD Saber Lily

And some with Lily and Kiriha together~


Dollfie Dream DD Saber Lily and DD Kiriha Kuze

And last but not least, allow me to congratulation to DD Saber Lily for once again making into the top Flickr Explore for 2/22/2011 and has attended the highest position I have ever placed in Flickr Explore!
DD Saber Lily Explored

And for Kiriha to have also breaking into Flickr Explore for the first time!

DD Kiriha Explored

It’s not exactly an easy task to break into Flickr Explore because only the top 500 per day or about 0.005% of the daily upload volume would show up in Explore!

And on a related note, DD Saber Lily also managed to fend off various competitors in FlickrFightr, which is a game that allows you to pick the best of the best of Flickr. There are plenty of great shots in the Interesting area, but which one is the best? This site is a way to view lots of great images and compare your tastes to that of other viewers. Every day, the votes are totalled and the winners of the day are determined. Each day the pictures are different, but they are all from the Interesting page on Flickr.

FlickrFightr Winner

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