Dollfie Dream Compilation Book and Volks News 41

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Just when I thought January was a slow news month for Dollfie Dream, I just found out today that the Dollfie Dream Compilation Book that was published as part of the Dollfie Dream 7th Anniversary Program is due to arrive at Volks USA on February 5th!

Dollfie Dream Compilation Book

The new SD Black Lattice Carrying Case is also set to be available at the same time.

Dollfie Dream Compilation Vol. 1

Here is the full specification of the Dollfie Dream Compilation, taken from Volks USA website

Size: B5, Full Color
Page Count: 122
Language: Japanese

Splash Gallery
A compilation of splash photos, from the very first DDs Mirai and Candy, to pictures of the “After School Akihabara Girls” taken just for this book!

Introducing the 7th Anniversary of Dollfie Dream
Learn the full story of the DD 7th Anniversary event that took place this year!
There’s also appearances from all of the DD One-off Models that made their debut at Dolls Party 24!!

Introducing the DD Character Models
Covering the full line-up from Mirai and Candy all the way up to the newest DD, Saber Lily. ♪
Exclusive information from the DD design team on each and every character has been compiled.

DD Makeup Lecture
The artist that creates the master DD makeup samples makes their debut as a lecturer!
Reading this will make you want to do makeup, too!

On the other hand, Volks News 41 featuring promotional pictures of DD Saber Lily is also available for purchase.

Volks News Vol.41

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