Happy New Year With DD Kiriha and Saber Lily

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Happy New Year everyone!  Looking back to the year 2010, I think I have make a fair amount of improvement as a blogger and as a Dollfie Dream Photographer.  With my site anniversary coming up in about a month, I guess I will defer my year in review until then.  For now, allow to present my two most favorite Dollfie Dream daughters Kiriha and Lily (along with Ecchi Lion and Pulpo Paul) to deliver our new year greeting!

Happy New Year with DD Kiriha 桐葉 and Saber Lily セイバー・リリィ

I have made a couple of New Year Greeting pictures this year and none of them really deliver the punch I was looking for so in the end I decided may be it’s time to turn to my two favorites together for a nice sisterly love picture!  Thank you for the all the support in year 2010 and please look forward to seeing Lily joins the Naughty Girls Club for many more photo shoots to come in the new year!

Happy New Year with DD Kiriha 桐葉 and Saber Lily セイバー・リリィ

Seems like my two favorite daughters are getting along just fine :D

Oh yeah, before I wrap this up, Lily was pretty naughty last night and I happened to have my camera ready so I was to capture this rather *cough* erotic *cough* moment of her …. don’t click on it unless you really really want to!

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DD Saber Lily セイバー・リリィNaughty New Year Greeting

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