Volks Dolpa 24 After Event Lottery

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Those of you who are waiting for your chance to adopt Dollfie Dream DD Saber Lily セイバー・リリィand are served by Volks International, you chance has finally come!  A few days ago Volks has announced the limited items that will be sold via a lottery system, including DD Saber Lily, Ever-Distant Utopia (Avalon), Saber’s Black Maid Cosplay Set and DD ALNA White Christmas Version plus other SD related items.  The entry period will be from the 17:00 on December 20th to 11:00 on December 23rd, (Japan Time).

Dolpa 24 After Event

Dolpa 24 After Event

But it seems that Australia resident will have trouble acquiring DD Saber Lily and Ever-Distant Utopia (Avalon) directly from Volks now due to transportation concerns…. that is pretty sad >_<;  most probably worrying about the sword being flagged as weapon during customs screening, but still, it’s pretty sad >.<;

Anyway, what is an After Event you ask?  Well Volks has done a pretty awesome job explaining it in their English website~

Dolpa 24 AE

Those of you who are interested in participating in the After Event Lottery should go directly to the Volks website to read up on the rule~

As for me, I have already spent the last day or so with my newest daughter lily and have begun working feverishly for her debut photo shoot~  Here is a sneak peak~

Dollfie Dream DD Saber Lily セイバー・リリィの到着

It is taking a lot longer than I had hoped but hopefully I will be able to release her photo shoot in a few days time~

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