Holiday Party at TopGolf

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I used to be a dedicated golfer during the dot com era, but it’s been almost 5 years since I had gone out to golf.  However, I have an opportunity to attend a holiday celebration party on this past Friday night, it was more like a social gathering with a bunch of old colleagues at a facility call TopGolf last night; so I thought, why not take this chance to meet up with some old friends and in the mean time, see if I can still swing a club like I used to!

TopGolf Chicago


Here is my set golf clubs!  I had to wash it last night since I hadn’t touch it in 5 years!


Here is a picture taken outside our suite.


So, how do I golf in winter since it’s supposed to be a summer sport?  Well it turns out that this facility has a really high tech tracking system, where each of the golf balls are embedded with a RFID tag.  There are currently 7 of these facility in the whole world, 4 of them are in the United States, the other 3 are in United Kingdom.


This is my bucket~


and when it’s my turn to hit the ball…


I have to register each ball through this green thing.


And the result would be tracked through this monitor


And this is the field I was hitting into, faint traces of snow can be found on the ground!


And I know what you must be thinking, I got to be crazy to be doing this in the Winter, since it was close to 30 degree Fahrenheit (close to 0 degree Celsius)!  You see this coils in the photo?  These are actually some very powerful radiation heater that can keep the whole room warm!  I didn’t have to wear a jacket the whole time~


I apologize for the fuzzy picture, this is the only picture I got inside the suite :s  How did I do?  Well let just say I was doing better than I expected, making good contact on at least half of the balls!  Ranked number 3 in both longest drive and closest to pin competitions~

Don’t believe me huh?  Here let my daughter Sakura show you the trophy I won back in year 2000!


And besides golfing, I also had a good time catching up with old colleagues, have some food and beer together~



Oh yeah, didn’t I say it was like a Christmas Party?


While I wasn’t able to win any of the golf competitions this time, I still have some door prizes to bring home!


Here I have Feena and Estel to help me open the prizes~


Oh look!!  These door prizes that might just be good for my daughters as well!

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