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As we are progressing further into the main plot of the Fortune Arterial main story line, a lot of the secrets have already begun to unfold.  As the title of this episode suggested, we are finally getting some in depth explanation of the darker side of the story and the necessary opposing force.  Remember the mysterious character that showed up at the end of episode 4?  As you will likely to find out in the next couple of episodes, that the mysterious character will hold all the answers that we are hoping for and Kohei will be the person to unlock it!  Just how exactly is Kohei involved in all of this while he is merely a human being?  The answer will lie in that period of time that he stayed on this island when he was a kid.  Ok, I can’t really give away all the answers here while we have 3 more episodes to go, so allow me to cut myself off again and go to the memorable scenes of this episode!

Fortune Arterial 赤い約束 EP09 紅瀬桐葉

At the beginning of the episode, we are treated with another scene with Kiriha in her shutdown mode~

Fortune Arterial 赤い約束 EP09 千堂瑛里華

Is it just me or this Erika scene is just too hot?

Fortune Arterial TV09 012

Fortune Arterial TV09 013

After the event from last episode, neither Haruna nor Kiriha had been back to school since~  But it was only a matter of time…

Fortune Arterial TV09 014

before Kanade get involved since Haruna intended on telling her everything….

Fortune Arterial TV09 015

To Erika’s relieve, Kanade decided to accept her for whatever she is…

Fortune Arterial TV09 020

Fortune Arterial 赤い約束 EP09 千堂瑛里華

But there is one more outstanding issue….

Fortune Arterial 赤い約束 EP09 千堂瑛里華

Fortune Arterial 赤い約束 EP09 紅瀬桐葉

And that is Kuze Kiriha, an existence known as Servant…. What exactly is a Servant you ask?  Well a Servant is a summoned spiritual familiar, who are the reincarnations of legendary souls from all across time……, wait that’s not right…. we are not talking about Fate/stay Night, are we??  Sorry, I just had to do it… anyway, Servant as they are known as in Fortune Arterial universe are being that obtained immortality by forming a contract with a Vampire after having a drink of their blood.  The Vampire and their servant maintains some sort of a master and servant relationship, and the servant must obey the command from their Master….

Fortune Arterial TV09 030

But there is one remaining question… if Kiriha is a servant then who is her master?

Fortune Arterial TV09 038

And why is Sei so protective of Shiro?

Fortune Arterial TV09 039

One of the few remaining secrets that has yet come to light, what’s the role of the Togi family in all of these?

Fortune Arterial TV09 043

And all the while Iori is making Kohei and Erika in charge of the cultural fair, what exactly is his intention?

Fortune Arterial TV09 045

Fortune Arterial TV09 047

Fortune Arterial TV09 049

Obviously, the tea party members are all excited about helping out in the cultural fair!

Fortune Arterial TV09 051

In the mean time…

Fortune Arterial TV09 053

Sei has managed to track down Kiriha…..

Fortune Arterial 赤い約束 EP09 紅瀬桐葉

Fortune Arterial 赤い約束 EP09 千堂瑛里華

Fortune Arterial TV09 060

Just who is Kiriha going to meet?

Show »

Fortune Arterial TV09 066

Fortune Arterial TV09 064

This little girl (Kaya) here is in fact Iori and Erika’s “mother”… Now some of you might wonder just how on earth is this little girl looking like character turn out to be their mother, let’s not forget that Vampire within the Fortune Arterial universe is able to choose their outward appearances at will… while I realize it might not be adequate to explain everything at this point, it is best to let the story unfold as that is meant to be the final secret.

Fortune Arterial TV09 070

While this might once again caught people wondering just what on earth is happening here?

Fortune Arterial TV09 072Fortune Arterial 赤い約束 EP09 紅瀬桐葉

For those of you who don’t mind the spoiler here since it’s a relatively minor secret…


Fortune Arterial TV09 081 紅瀬桐葉

And before Kiriha could walk out on Kaya, she was stopped by Kaya’s command….

Fortune Arterial 赤い約束 EP09 紅瀬桐葉

As it is demonstrated here, a servant must obey the command of their master…

Fortune Arterial 赤い約束 EP09 紅瀬桐葉

Fortune Arterial 赤い約束 EP09 紅瀬桐葉

Fortune Arterial 赤い約束 EP09 紅瀬桐葉

And at the same time, Kohei also wanted to help Erika out…

Fortune Arterial TV09 087

Fortune Arterial 赤い約束 EP09 千堂瑛里華

But it was clear from the onset that is exactly what Erika had been trying to avoid…

Fortune Arterial 赤い約束 EP09 千堂瑛里華

Fortune Arterial 赤い約束 EP09 千堂瑛里華

While Erika rejected Kohei’s proposal to become her servant, the fact is she is rather happy about hearing that from Kohei…

Fortune Arterial 赤い約束 EP09 千堂瑛里華

However, the closer she got toward Kohei…

Fortune Arterial 赤い約束 EP09 千堂瑛里華

Fortune Arterial 赤い約束 EP09 千堂瑛里華

The more she desire his blood…..

Fortune Arterial TV09 107

For the longest time, I have resisted the temptation to declare the TV anime adaptation of Fortune Arterial visual novel is equivalent to the Erika true arc in game because that might be too much of a spoiler for anyone who is not familiar with the story.  However, at this point it should not be much of a surprise to anyone that the rest of the story is pretty much going to be devoted to show how Erika struggle to contain herself from wanting Kohei’s blood.

Now, it’s time to show some photo of my lovely Kiriha again…


Here is a photo taken recently with her when I was having dinner~ I just love having dinner with her~

Volks Dollfie Dream Kuze Kiriha

And a couple more photos of her in a lovely long red dress!

Volks Dollfie Dream Kuze Kiriha

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