Dollfie Dream Stain Removal Process

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I have been thinking about writing an article related to the stain removal process for Dollfie Dream for some time now.  Staining is a problem that every Dollfie Dream collector have to confront at one point or another, it simply cannot be avoided in some cases since vinyl parts are extremely prone to staining; just by resting your Dollfie Dream on some fresh grass can result in grass stain!  Some collector would opt to only allow their Dollfie Dream to wear light colored clothes, but I am different…. I like my girls to whatever I like them to be in.. in most cases, dark colored clothing!  I am not afraid of staining!!!  I just need to have an effective strategy to combat the stain!!  Conventional treatment for vinyl stain is to use acne cream that contains up to 10% Benzoyl Peroxide, while it is somewhat effective but the treatment process can take up to a month or longer if the stain is deep within the vinyl.  Today, I would like to talk about a product call Remove-Zit, a chemical that is designed to remove color stain from soft vinyl about 3X faster!

Remove zit

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Remove-zit is a special formula vinyl stain remover developed by Twin Pines of Maine, Inc. , so the strength and effectively is at least 3 times stronger than 10% Benzoyl Peroxide acne cream (by personal experience).  But let me first get the legal stuff out of the way~

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The information and directions we present throughout this site are correct to the best of our knowledge. You must, however, use common sense and caution when using any cleaning or restoration material. A perfectly salvageable collectible can be damaged by careless use of any restoration material. Please remember to test every part of every doll every time in an unobtrusive spot prior to using any restoration material.

These Terms and Conditions supercede all previous representations, understandings, or agreements and shall prevail notwithstanding any variance with terms and conditions of any order previously submitted.

OK, now the legal stuff is taken care of…. for starter, let me show you the original stained skin part~

Dollfie Dream Stain Removal Process

As you can see, the stain is pretty deep, but of course I did it on purpose so I can show you the true strength of Remove-Zit.  But if you must know where the stain comes from… it’s from the original Saber Maid dress.

Dollfie Dream Stain Removal Process

and after applying a single layer of Remove-Zit, it looks like this…

Dollfie Dream Stain Removal Process

After each application of Remove-Zit, I usually let it sit in open air for up to 48-72 hours.  By this time, the layer of Remove-Zit would be mostly dried off and can be easily wiped off.

Dollfie Dream Stain Removal Process

As stated above, this is the result after the first application of Remove Zit.  You can tell the stain has lighten up a bit.

Dollfie Dream Stain Removal Process

As stated above, this is the result after the 2nd application of Remove Zit; I just randomly pick 48 hours for this step.

Dollfie Dream Stain Removal Process

As stated above, this is the result after the third application of Remove Zit.  The stain has lighten up considerably.

Dollfie Dream Stain Removal Process

As stated above, this is the result after the fourth application of Remove Zit.  You can still tell there are some faint traces of stain but for the sake of this documentation, this is enough to prove that Remove Zit is an extremely powerful stain removal treatment process.

Note: Some DD comrades have reported that under some yet to be documented circumstances, there is a chance the vinyl surface may appear to “swell” after remove zit treatment.  In the event that the vinyl surface does swell, there is no need to worry because the swelling will fade out over time.

Note: If you find it difficult to clean off the remove zit residue, you can use Clorox disinfecting wipes to wipe off the residue, I have personally found it to be quite effective.

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