Volks USA Customer Gallery – Dollfie Dream Family Portrait 2010 version

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Once in a while, I would pick some of my best ドルフィードリーム Dollfie Dream photos and send them to the Volks USA for their Customer Gallery.  This time I picked my Dollfie Dream Daughters Grand Glorious Gathering Sixteen Daughters Version, from a few months ago.  It’s always a pleasure to see how the Volks USA staffs react to my photo.  I guess I will take this opportunity to reflect a little bit on my journey to become a Dollfie Dream Photographer.  Someone once said, a photographer is an artist who draws with light, I personally find that a very profound statement.  The quality of light is very important ingredient to a good photography session and more or less determine the quality of the photos at the end.  As a photo artist, I have more or less developed my own style and preferences for my Dollfie Dream Photography over the years.  I am still very much working to improve my photography skills, hopefully I will keep getting better at it :D

Volks USA Sumika times Blog Family Portrait 2010 version

If you are interested to submit photos of your daughters to Sumika Times Blog, feel free to contact Volks USA~

And on a separate and completely unrelated note… I have decided to take the time waiting for Dollfie Dream Saber Lily into good use and created my own version of her support banner~

Saber Lily Theme Signature Banner

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