Final Fantasy XIV First Impression

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It has been nearly a week since I began playing Final Fantasy XIV.  I really didn’t know what to expect in this new game and I wasn’t even sure if I was in the mood to play and MMO.  However after spending a few days on the game, I think it’s safe to say that I would probably keep playing for a little while longer!

Final Fantasy XIV

A lot of the broken aspects in FFXI are longer an issue in FFXIV, at least for now anyway.  The visual is stunning, the degree of character customization is pretty broad, it would be hard press to find another character looking exactly like you unless you go for the most generic settings.

Final Fantasy XIV

The mining system for example, has been replaced for an interactive hot and cold game.  Gone is the monopolization of mining spots like it was in FFXI to RMT who cheat on the game, since each mining spot is on a timer and can only be mined a few times within a certain time frame. Players who participate in the mining profession also has the ability “Lay of the Land” according to their skill level to determine where the next mining spot would be available next!

Final Fantasy XIV

Here is the Lay of the Land at works telling me where a grade 1 mining spots would be~


Mining has actually become an interactive hot and cold game, you have to pay attention to the system message in order to get the goods!


Even though the mining spot is still active, the system would force me to move on thus killing the whole “hoarding the mining spot” concept.

Crafting in general have improved as well, and it’s even possible to level up through the Adventure Guild Local Levequests!

Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV

and the necessary material is already provided @.@ ZOMG free skill up?  Is it even possible???

And due to the fatigue system in play, the game really want to encourage players to develop more horizontally instead of just focusing on one main profession… What’s the hurry anyway?

Final Fantasy XIV

So far I have taken on Gladiator,  Pugilist, Marauder, Carpenter, Blacksmith, Armorer, Leatherworker and Mining.

And another worthy note to mention is there player housing, formally known as Mog House in FFXI doesn’t really exist (or not yet) in FFXIV, but each player can hire a “Retainer” for free to help hold on to their belongings in the Market Ward.  We are also given the ability to choose how our Retainer look from the available selection.

Final Fantasy XIV

The retainer can also perform a variety of basic function like helping you bazaar stuff when you logoff from the game.  Oh yeah, do you know you can give a nickname to your Retainer as well?

So far, I have been enjoying what the game has offered.. sure there are some quirks that had to be worked out, but I am truly feeling like an adventurer again, taking on jobs the adventure guild has to offer… running across the continents without knowing what I got myself into… dying like a noob again.

Oh yeah, we have also created a Dollfie Dream Linkshell in Palamecia XD, currently accepting more Dollfie Dream parents to join us XD

Final Fantasy XIV

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