Touhou Dollfie Dream Release Schedule and Other Volks News

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I have been camping the Volks DD blog almost daily to observe the Touhou Dollfie Dream development and just caught this hot off the press, the Touhou Dollfie Dream release schedule is out!  It looks like a much shorter cycle than the White Album Dollfie Dream project with only one general pre-ordering period listed on the schedule so far.

Touhou Dollfie Dream Release Schedule

The schedule is also looking very rough at this point with no information regarding the payment period or even a 2nd pre-ordering period that the TTGL or White Album Dollfie Dream Project.  I have heard some nasty rumor that the Touhou Dollfie Dream may be a Japan Only deal, although it’s not officially confirm, the evidence to support the rumor is indeed mounting.  We will have to wait and see, it would be a sad thing if this highly anticipated Dollfie Dream project becomes a Japan Only release, which doesn’t do anything to keep these DDS from leaving Japan for all we know…. Anyway, will be keeping tap on this one as it develop further.  However, there is a possibility that one may be able to bypass the Japan Only hurdle by employing address forwarding service such as and the result of my exercise.

Volks September Dress Fair 2010

There will be a September Dress Fair held in Volks International next week.

Volks News 40 along with Dollfie Dream Vol. 3 are due to be distributed to VIP/VS members in Japan this weekend and the DD one-off from the 7th Anniversary Project is suppose to be announced as well.

Dollfie Dream Vol. 3

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