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For the past week or so, I have been working on various improvement on this site, one thing in particular is the average load time.  I began using Google Webmaster some months ago and it has always bothered me when it said my site is below the average performance in load time.  I know I have been procrastinating over this but during the Labor Day Weekend, I have finally installed page speed to look for ways to improve my site.

在近星期, 我一直為這個博客的下載速度做改善。從幾個月前我已經開始用Google Webmaster, 而我對於那個平均下載時間嘅數值一D都唔滿意, 所以我趁這個勞動節假期裝上了Page Speed, 希望找到方法來改善。

Page speed and Firebug

Sure enough, Pagespeed has identified several red flags for me to respond to… including Combine external Javascript, Minify CSS, serve scaled images, Serve static content from a cookieless domain… most of these sounds like French to me.. but there were several flags that I was able to rectify by installing appropriate plug-ins, such as the WP HTTP Compression, this plugin allows your WordPress blog to output pages compressed in gzip format if a browser supports compression. HTTP compression generally means a 60-80% REDUCTION in the size of your pages (broadband usage) as well as an INCREASE in download speeds of 3x to 4x.  Other than that, nothing else I tried seemed to work as I tried several other plug-ins to help with the Javascript and CSS but none of them worked out as planned.

而且Pagespeed 真係揾到幾個問題,大部分嘅嘢我都唔係太明白, 但係我揾到一個WP HTTP Compression 嘅Plug-in, 可以zip起D 文件來轉送, 應該會對下載嘅速度有幫助!

Besides improving on the load time of my site, I have also upgraded to WordPress 3.0.1 recently.  Most of the plug-ins I use seems to be compatible with it except StatPress… well, not that I still use it anymore as it never tracked reliable statistic for me.  However, one of the neat thing that came with the new version of WordPress is the ability to add menu to your side bar….

除咗針對下載速度嘅改進, 近來也將Wordpress upgrade到3.0.1, 大部份嘅Plug-in都沒問題… 除咗Statpress之外…. 但係因為近來都沒乜用喇, 所以問題唔大。Wordpress3.0.1最有趣嘅新功能就係可以喺Sidebar加menu!

Wordpress 3.0.1 with menu

One of the few things I have been wanting to do, is to make an easily accessible directory listing to my side bar that points directly to each of my lovely Dollfie Dream daughters!  I have seen many Dollfie Dream related blog sites with the same feature and have been itching to make my own daughter directory; however, I wasn’t particularly wild about making each of my daughters as their own category… this new menu feature came just at the right time, as I can specify them with tag instead of revamping all of my blog posts with brand new categories…  Daughters are listed in the order they were adopted…. cause everyone who has visited here before knows who my favorite daughter is!

我見過好多有關Dollfie Dream人偶嘅網頁也有列晒班囡囡喺Sidebar, 所以我也一直想加噃個囡囡目錄, 而家終於可以做到喇!  囡囡目錄係順收養嘅次序來排名… 因為大家都知道我最疼愛嘅囡囡是誰吧!

Wordpress 3.0.1 with menu

Just like that, one more thing off the to-do list!

Besides making various improvements and adjustments to my site, I have also been trying to reach out to different Dollfie Dream communities in different parts of the world.  Since there are a considerable amount of DD parents located in different parts of South East Asia, I have been thinking about reaching out to them (after all, I am a Chinese) just because I am better at typing in English due to the fact that I never had a computer when I was in Hong Kong doesn’t mean I cannot communicate in perfect Chinese on the Internet!

除咗為綱頁更新, 我也正在向其他地區嘅Dollfie Dream人偶論壇打個招呼。其實喺東南亞各地區也應該有好多人玩Dollfie Dream的, 而且我自已又係香港人, 我以前唔打中文只係因為我在港嘅時候未用個電腦之嘛, 其實我都有中四程度嘅中文架。現在我係要靠手寫板來寫中文的。

After doing some researches, I found out there are two major Dollfie Dream forums, one in Hong Kong, another one in China; both very active with wealth of information, tutorials etc.

經過我嘅佈考查, 我終於找到在香港和中国嘅論壇!

Ourtoysland OTL中文名萌玩里 is composed of mostly DD parents from Hong Kong, some of them I already knew from, such as Hololo, Yui, Stepwalkers, etc.

萌玩里就係以香港人為主嘅論壇, 而且也撞到幾個喺Figure.fm識到嘅香港人, 例如Hololo, Yui, Stepwalkers,等等.


OTL also has a sub forum with tons of DD related tutorials, I picked one topic to show here just for reference~

萌玩里有好多有關Dollfie Dream嘅資料, 我就選一個出來俾大家睇下~

Dollfie Dream Arm Mod Tutorial

A pretty nifty mod to access the secret double joint!  A similar mod can also be performed on the neck to improve the range of movement on the head!

很有趣的DIY mod啊, 可以直接用到DDII嘅Secrect Joint啊。而這個方法也可以加用到頸那裡。

The other Dollfie Dream community is located in, a popular web service company in China.  Obviously, I would have to post in Chinese, but that’s not that difficult for me, just a little time consuming… that’s all.  But for the sake of spreading more Dollfie Dream Love all around the world and making more friends, it will be worth it!

另一個論壇係喺中国嘅百度Dollfie Dream贴吧

Dollfie Dream Kiriha Baidu Post

To properly post picture topics in Baidu… I have to load all of my picture libraries into Baidu… and that would happen in due time~

要在Baidu貼圖的話, 我可要從新上載囡囡嘅相片直接到Baidu嘅空間, 這個我會慢慢來做…

Wolfheinrich Baidu Page

Slowly but surely, I will be adding Chinese translation along with my blog post, just so that visitors from South East Asia who are not fluent in English can also understand what I am rambling about!

而且喺不久嘅將來, 我也會慢慢地漢化這個網頁, 令其他不太習慣睇英文嘅訪客也可以明白我喺到講乜嘢!  漢化咗嘅網頁可以用這個連結來找到中文博客

Wolfheinrich\'s World with Chinese

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