Dollfie Dream Daughters Grand Glorious Gathering Sixteen Daughters Version

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A few days ago, I welcomed my Sixteenth Dollfie Dream Daughter DD娃娃 人偶 Matou Sakura to my family; and I had Saber, Rin and Ecchi Lion came out to gave Sakura a warm welcome; but that was not all that I had in mind! The number sixteenth daughter also mark the completion of a Platoon!! Since such a significant milestone cannot be ignored or overlooked…. so I have decided to summon all of my daughters together for a full family portrait (it’s been a while since I did the last family photo)! This special event is also know as Dollfie Dream Daughters Grand Glorious Gathering, DDDGGG for short!

Dollfie Dream Daughters Grand Glorious Gathering Sixteen Daughters Version

Dollfie Dream Daughters Class of 2010

Top: Volks Dollfie Dream Dynamite DD娃娃 人偶 Escalayer エスカレイヤー, Kusugawa Sasara 久寿川 ささら, Tohsaka Rin 遠坂 凛, Matou Sakura 間桐 桜, Saber セイバー, Feena Fam Earthlight フィーナ·ファム·アーシュライト, Sendo Erika 千堂瑛里華.

Middle: Takamachi Nanoha 高町 なのは, Asuka Langley Soryu 惣流・アスカ・ラングレー, Ogata Rina 緒方里奈, Kuze Kiriha 紅瀬桐葉, Morikawa Yuki 森川由綺, Airi アイリ, Fate T. Harlaown フェイト・T(テスタロッサ)・ハラオウン

Bottom: Estel Freesia エステル·フリージア, Natsuki ナツキ

Obviously, in a special occasion such as this, I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to film the family video!

More under the cut~

And some close up shots!

Dollfie Dream 人偶 DD娃娃 Escalayer エスカレイヤー Kusugawa Sasara 久寿川 ささら Tohsaka Rin 遠坂 凛

First to be introduced is of course from left to right, my very first daughter, Escalayer エスカレイヤー of Classic Eroge Game Beat Angel Escalayer and right next to her is the gorgeous Kusugawa Sasara 久寿川 ささら To Heart 2 and the versatile Tohsaka Rin 遠坂 凛 from Fate/Stay Night.

Dollfie Dream 人偶 DD娃娃 Saber セイバー Tohsaka Rin 遠坂 凛 Matou Sakura 間桐 桜

And continuing from the last photo is the Fate/Stay Night Squad: Tohsaka Rin 遠坂 凛, Matou Sakura 間桐 桜 and Saber セイバー

Dollfie Dream 人偶 DD娃娃 Saber セイバー Feena フィーナ Erika 千堂瑛里華

Saber セイバー is then joined by Feena Fam Earthlight フィーナ·ファム·アーシュライト from Visual Novel 夜明け前より瑠璃色な , Sendo Erika 千堂瑛里華 of Fortune Arterial from the August Squad completing the top row.

Dollfie Dream 人偶 DD娃娃 Asuka アスカ Nanoha 高町 なのは

Moving onto the 2nd row, we have Takamachi Nanoha 高町 なのは from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS the left and Asuka Langley Soryu 惣流・アスカ・ラングレー from Evangelion on the right.

Dollfie Dream 人偶 DD娃娃 Ogata Rina 緒方理奈 Kuze Kiriha 紅瀬桐葉 Morikawa Yuki 森川由綺

Moving onto the middle section, we have the lovely Ogata Rina 緒方里奈 from White Album on the left, Ecchi Lion (in between) my most spoiled (and naughty) daughter Kuze Kiriha 紅瀬桐葉 from the visual novel and soon to be animated Fortune Arterial and angelic presence known as Morikawa Yuki 森川由綺 (also from White Album) .

Dollfie Dream 人偶 DD娃娃 Airi アイリ Fate Testarossa フェイト

and at the right end of the middle row, we have Infernal Temptress Airi アイリ from Queen’s Blade and Fate T. Harlaown フェイト・T(テスタロッサ)・ハラオウン also from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS sporting her officer uniform completing the middle row.

Dollfie Dream 人偶 DD娃娃 Estel Freesia エステル

And in the bottom left we have Estel Freesia エステル·フリージア also from 夜明け前より瑠璃色な, rounding up the August Four Squad!

Dollfie Dream 人偶 DD娃娃 Natsuki ナツキ

Rounding up the platoon of 16 daughter in the bottom right is Natsuki ナツキ from the tales of the After School Akihabara Girls!

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