Volks Home Town Dolpa Osaka 6 After Event Continues

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Well, the Volks Home Town Dolpa Osaka 6 After Event has come and gone..

Volks Home Town Dolpa Osaka 6 AE Continues

while it isn’t totally unexpected, since I wasn’t all the fond of the Pure White Symphony girls anyway… but every Osaka 6 Dollfie Dream related limited lottery items are available for direct purchase from Volks International right now.  If you had been on the fence before, now it’s your chance to make up your mind!  And on a separate note, I was to be able to acquire the Natsuki School Uniform at very close to the retail value, something I didn’t expect to happen.

DD Natsuki School Uniform

That’s something I have been noticing since the last dolpa actually, some normal items that would “usually” rise in value in the auction market attracted very little action if at all.  Has Volks finally caught up on the scalpers or is it the economy finally taking its toll on the Dollfie Dream Market?  Or is the less than ideal exchange rate has discouraged bidding action?  That’s something I will continue to observe in the coming future.

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