Volks HTDP Osaka 6 After Event

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This post probably should have gone out last week!  All thanks to Starcraft II I have completely forgotten to follow up on the Home Town Dolpa Osaka 6 After Event Limited Item Lottery.

Volks HTDP Osaka 6 After EventVolks HTDP Osaka 6 After Event Limited Items

The Entry period has already started, interested individual have until 11:00am on the 19th of August (Japan Time) to submit your lottery entry to Volks International website and they have all the details available there.  Interestingly enough, Volks has made a rather unusual move to dedicate a page to explain the details on the after event here, perhaps they too realize the potential international audience is getting larger everyday ^^;

Anyway,  I have been keeping track of the after market pricing trend lately and it seems to me that none of the Osaka 6 limited items are in high demand.  In more than a few occasions, the price level of these limited DDs have even fallen below their retail value.  Though in all honestly, the Osaka 6 offering probably aren’t as appealing as the recently debuted White Album Dollfie Dream; and on top of that… the Pure White Symphony game really pissed me off, I can’t even bring myself to rant about it!

On the other hand, while I haven’t been particularly vocal about it.  I did throw in my lottery entry for DD Mari and I have received confirmation from Volks USA that I have managed to secure a Dollfie Dream DD Mari Illustrious Makinami 真希波・マリ・イラストリアス as my 17th daughter~

Volks USA Lottery DD Mari Win

As per usual, Mari’s Kamenride card XD~

And I have a feeling she will fit right in with the Naughty Girls Club, what do you all think?

Dollfie Dream Naughty Girls Club

Soon after I received the good news on DD Mari, I have also received the shipping confirmation on my 16th daughter Dollfie Dream DD Mato Sakura!


Hopefully she will arrive before the end of the week so I can prepare for the next family photo!  Dollfie Dream Daughters Grand Glorious Gathering, also known as DDDGGG!

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