Dinner at Brazzaz Brazilian Steakhouse

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While I don’t always talk about food in my blog here but there is a Chinese saying “民以食為先”, which roughly translate into “Food is the top priority of normal citizen”.  As for me, I have always enjoyed good food, the color, the aroma, the taste, and the texture of the food are all important to me.  I seldom dine out these days due to most of my money being allocated for my Dollfie Dream hobby, but from time to time, when the opportunity arises, I do make an effort to go out and try to enjoy a good dinner.  One such opportunity presented itself a few days ago, where I went to one of the Brazilian Steakhouses in Chicago – Brazzaz.


More under the cut~

I have always enjoyed having a good steak, when it’s done right, the texture, the aroma, the juice, very savoring!  However, one of the glaring problems associate of having a large cut of meat is that it’s very difficult to finish it before it turns cold!  And the steak don’t taste so good when it turns cold!  Sure you can have the steak reheated but it’s not exactly the same thing now, is it?  And even if you do manage to finish it before it get cold, that would mean you must have had been rushing to finish it, thus making it nearly impossible to have a conversation, if at all.  This aforementioned problem, can be largely avoided by serving the meat in Brazilian style!

For those of you who are not familiar with Brazilian Steakhouse, it’s not your typical steakhouse where you sit down and order a cut of meat from the menu.  This Brazilian steakhouse experience can be traced back to the 18th century.  The freshly grilled meat, up to 15 different cuts all you can eat, ranging from beef, pork, chicken and lamb; are actually carried by the servers pacing around the restaurant, each serving of the meat is small enough and is served directly to your plate when it’s still warm thus giving your ample of time to finish it!  I have taken some pictures along the way, so here they are!


Here is a little salad plate for starter!  Pasta salad, mini Portabella mushroom, shrimp, egg salad and tuna!


Here is a quick snap shot of the menu!  More can be found here!


Then it’s onto the meat!  Here we have the Coulette (one of my favorites) on the lower left, grilled pineapple (yes, it’s grilled pineapple and very tasty), garlic pork on the upper left, bottom sirloin on the upper right!

Another great advantage of this Brazilian Steakhouse experience is that each person will have their own sign (which I forgot to take a picture of!), you can flip it one way-which indicate that you are looking for food and the servers will come rushing to your table to deliver their product; flip it the other way and they won’t bother you!  This way you can pace yourself accordingly.  When I leave the sign up… they will just keep coming…


Beacon Filet Mignon

And coming….


And more Coulette!

Annndddd coming!


Now with Pork Tenderloin and Top Sirloin

Until I flip the sign around XD

I always have fun when I come to have Brazilian BBQ because I can eat all the meat I wanted to!


And before I got to finish the Pork Tenderloin, here came the Grilled Shrimp and Leg of Lamb!

Always a good feast when I come to the Brazilian Steakhouse and this time is no exception, I didn’t get to photo of everything, but you got the idea XD


Wrapping the night out with another nice cut of Coulette~

While it is generally expensive to come to a Brazilian Steakhouse, but hey, I don’t do it all the time and if I do, might as well enjoy it right?

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