Early June Dollfie Dream Loot, Dolpa 23, HT Kyoto 7

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I am still in the middle of recovering of that massive photo shoot for Dollfie Dream Erika’s Arrival Party, “The August Four”, but since some loots I have previously ordered had arrived, I figure I should do myself a favor and get this loot post out of the way first and avoid getting too many things piled up on me.

Dollfie Dream Estel Kiriha 紅瀬桐葉

Today I have chosen Estel and Kiriha to be my loot inspectors~ Looks to me Kiriha is making a mess by throwing out all the Kamen Rider Candy Toy out of the box already!  Naughty Nekomimi!

  1. TnK Pastel Plaid Suit Set DDTK-089
  2. Tnk Monochrome Ribbon Suit Set DDTK-089
  3. Tnk Gangster Set DDTK-095
  4. Tnk Police Girl Set DDTK-094
  5. Tnk Comfort Knitted Set DDTK-093
  6. Shoe Boutique SB-SD-142
  7. Shoe Boutique SB-SD16G-022
  8. Kamen Rider W Candy Toy Box of 10 set
  9. Final Fantasy 13 Chinese/English Edition

So what took me so long to get Final Fantasy 13 you said?  Well, this is a different edition that retain the Japanese Voice track instead of the English Dub!

Dollfie Dream Kiriha 紅瀬桐葉

I personally prefer to listen to the Japanese voice track, although a quite a bit delayed, not that it matter a whole lot though!  Since I haven’t quite finished Agarest War myself :s

Dollfie Dream Kiriha 紅瀬桐葉

And the five basic type of Kamen Rider W candy toy, including the Double Driver of course!

And Last and not least, new clothes for my Dollfie Dream daughters~


Some of these were acquired from the Volks USA Kyoto 7 event, the rest of the Dolpa 23 items were acquired from Yahoo Japan Auction.  Still working on a pile of backlog… hopefully I would get to these soonish haha~

As a special feature, I have Dollfie Dream Fate to cosplay as Kamen Rider W~


Dollfie Dream Rin made a cameo appearance here with her DiEnd Driver and Kiriha with her Faiz Belt~

Any of you out there watching the World Cup like I do?

England 1 USA 1


I was excited over Steven Gerrard’s early goal…. nicely executed but that excitement was taken away from me just before half time, most probably the biggest blunder in this tournament.


It was unexpected, this blunder basically let team USA back into the game.  Team USA did well in the 2nd half, have to say the draw was a fair result but one must wonder what it might have been if this goal wasn’t conceded like this.

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