White Album Dollfie Dream Final Pre-Order Period

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For those of you who missed out on the White Album Dollfie Dream 1st and 2nd pre-order period, here is your final chance. Volks has finally released the details on the final pre-order for the White Album X Dollfie Dream Collaboration project. The final order period will take places on June 19th Japan Time!


And on a separate and somewhat related note, the White Album PS3 game is also scheduled to hit the street in June! The target release date is now June 24! I was browsing through Aquaplus website yesterday and noticed they have released the promotional video to the Japan PSN store for download. A big Rina fanboy as I am, I could not wait to get my hands on my own copy of the PV since I have always wanted to look at the PV through a real full size TV even though it’s already out there on Youtube. As I have expected, it’s a real treat to the eyes ^^;

But while I am at it, decided to snap some screen shots for your viewing pleasures~

Ogata Rina 1

Ogata Rina 7

Ogata Rina 4

Ogata Rina 6

Ogata Rina 8

Ogata Rina 10

You all know I am a Rina fanboy right :3

Morikawa Yuki 1

Morikawa Yuki 2

And a new character debut in the PS3 version of the story, no idea what role she has in the story at this point though.

Sayoko Kisaragi

Sayoko Kisaragi 3

Have you ordered your copy of White Album PS3 yet?  You can still find the the normal version of the game for pre-order at Play-Asia.
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