The Arrival of Sony HD Handycam

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Shortly after I shot the video tour of my room submission for Danny’s upcoming TV show Culture Japan. I came to realize the lack of auto-focus feature on the Nikon D5000 is seriously annoying when I try to shoot anything with variable focal lengths (like a video tour of my room), looking at the wallscrolls and dakimakura on one end of the room… and trying to zoom in my figure collection.  After some serious consideration, I have finally decided to get myself a Sony Handycam, something I have been considering for some time (little did I know I ended up ordering on the 25th Anniversary of Sony Handycam!).  I logged on to my SonyRewards website and clicked Redeem ….. 50k Sony Reward Points for the Sony HDR-CX150 16GB High Definition Handycam Camcorder, one of the entry level HD Camcorders.  The folks at Sony Rewards did an amazing job in getting this new toy out to me in 2 days!  And here I have my daughters introducing my new video gear!  Now it’s time to film the video tour again in the long Memorial Day Weekend!

Dollfie Dream Asuka Airi Rin

It turned out to be a lot smaller than I expected and very light weight!

Dollfie Dream Asuka Airi Rin

More under the cut~

Here is a size comparison against my Nikon D5000.

Dollfie Dream Asuka Airi Rin

Obviously, now that I have acquired this video camera huhuhuhu, first to try it out on my Dollfie Dream Daughters!

Sony HDR-CX150


At first I was having trouble navigating, where is the up and down button?  Then I realize… almost everything is touch screen now, duh…. you still need external button for many things but to navigate through the menu selection in the CX150, everything is touch screen.


There are external buttons for W and T which are for zooming in and out, the toggle button for movie and still photo and start/stop button as well.

And obviously, now that I have acquired a video camcorder, the one thing I absolutely must do …. is of course …. an upskirt video of my daughters! XD


Just kidding!

Anyway, now that I have acquired a real video camcorder, and the 5 minutes HD recording limitation on the D5000 is gone, it’s inevitable that I would have wanted to re-shoot the video footage of my room!

And I have also done a short segment of the video focusing entirely on my main display cabinet as well~

And as a special feature, I have also shot a separate video footage of my “secret display cabinet” that I have rarely shown to anyone.  All of my erotic figures are stored there!

*Warning* Extreme NSFW figure collection, if you are not into ecchi figures, don’t bother clicking the link

The page is password protected:


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