Dollfie Dream Sakura Limited Web Order And 7th Anniversary Speculation

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I am still in the midst of recovering from the weekend full of activities known as Anime Central, I have yet to process the photos from the cosplayers; or cover the event that unfolded in Masquerade, of which the founder of the famous metal-rock band X Japan, Yoshiki made a live appearance.  Anyway, I was planning to dive right into another photo project known as “August Four” tonight but I was distracted by this little message from the Volks DD Blog.


As far as I can understand, it appear to me that a separate limited web order event would be held for DD Sakura only.  Available quantity is limited.  This is a very interesting development, perhaps as a way to combat auction scalpers?

Here is the Japanese text:

商品販売終了後、限定受注販売を予定し ております。
お届けは2010年6月下旬予定です 。

ご予約 は限定数に達し次第、終了とさせていただきます。
■ ご予約商品のお代金は全額前払いとなります。
■ ご予約後のキャンセル、名義変更、第三者への権利譲渡はできません。
■ 商品のご自宅への配送をご希望の場合は、発送料¥1,050をご負担下さいませ。

■ ウェブでの販売は限定受注販売のみとなります。
(発 送は全て個別に行います。

And while I was at it, I can help be noticed that Utsunomiya showroom has made their own speculation on the 7th anniversary projects.


Looks like we are not the only one waiting for the official announcement!

So many things to do, so little time to do it!  Let me start cranking on the next photo project.

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