Dollfie Dream Asuka Goes to Acen 2010 Day 2 & Sixteenth Dollfie Dream Daughter

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Continuing my coverage of Dollfie Dream Asuka goes to Acen from Day 1, there was another Doll Meet arranged by the good folks from Den of Angels on the 2nd day.  There were quite a few more people showed up on the 2nd day since it was on Saturday.

Dollfie Dream Asuka at Acen

Here is a shot of my lovely Asuka sporting her Rebuild of Evangelion uniform before we headed out!  The shoes were borrowed from Estel’s casual dress set.

More under the cut~


The secret of Mobile Papermoon Chii is revealed!  She has been riding on the back of a three wheelers all along! Hahahaha~


More Doll owners showed up with their lovely on the 2nd day!


Lovely matching dress set!  Very kawaii!



Matching dress set with your Doll, that’s really something!






I really like how this photo turned out on this doll with black goth dress, not sure what she is though!


Then again, my passion is still with the Dollfie Dream!

Here is a Mai we spotted, making her the 3rd Dollfie Dream at Anime Central!


And of course, Anonymous_Object’s Yui sporting in her casual wear~



And my Asuka of course!

Dollfie Dream Asuka at Acen

Needless to say, my favorite out of the entire Doll Meet is still my lovely Asuka!  Parental bias much?  Haha~

Dollfie Dream Asuka at Acen

After meeting for the 2nd day in a row, Asuka and Yui have become good friends already!

Dollfie Dream Asuka at Acen

Dollfie Dream Asuka at Acen

After the doll meet, we took our girls out to the main lobby in the Hyatt Regency O’Hare~

After all that intense photograph session, Asuka is resting by the rail on the main lobby~

Dollfie Dream Asuka at Acen

Accompanied by her new friend Yui of course!


I am still in the processing of doing post-processing on the cosplay pics from the convention.  I wasn’t able to take as many good pics as I would have wanted, but I have managed to take some good shots, hopefully would be able to bring those out soon, but here is a sneak peek at some of the cute girls from Acen~


These two girls aren’t just simply cute, they are like flaming hot!  My life feel a little more complete after taking their photos :D

Oh, before I forget, I have just been informed by Volks USA that I have won the lottery for Dollfie Dream Sakura and Dark Sakura Transformation Set!  Making Sakura my sixteenth Dollfie Dream Daughter.  I have high hope for Sakura to fill that vital role in upcoming Dollfie Dream Theater!


With DD Sakura already secure, my attention in the Dolpa 23 After Event will be on her Swimsuit and Casual set.  The date for the Tenshi no Sumika event has been slated to happen on May 29th Japan Time and the Limited Item lottery should happen just right before that although the exact time and item details has not yet been finalized.

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